Alynne Tiffany- Week 21

21 Weeks Old

Today Alynne is 21 weeks, and on Sunday she will be 5 months! It seems so unreal to me that we’ve been parents for 5 months now.
Every night we read Aly a Bible Story, and we have from the first night we brought her home from the hospital.  Now she comes to expect these stories, it’s quite adorable.  She sits so attentively, waiting to be read to.  Of course, right now, she’s more interested in eating the pages, than what’s actually going on.  But I look forward to the day that these stories come to life for her.
As it is Holy Week this week, we tend to reflect more on the sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross.  I am daily grateful for this sacrifice, and I know I’ve said it before, but being a parent only amplifies my understanding of God’s love.  We pray every night for the salvation of our daughter, and eagerly await the day she comes to know Him.  We also pray that God would use us as instruments in that process.  To see a child come to faith- I imagine this is one of the greatest joys in life!

I think perhaps things are better this week.  It also looks like Aly is ready to eat 5 oz when we give her a bottle.

This week, Aly has really been on the move in her sleep.  Last week I found her head where her feet had been, and she had managed to find a pacifier in her crib and get it into her mouth! This has since happened a couple other times this week as well. We also have freed both arms from the swaddle! So for now, it looks like she’s a side sleeper.  Today, every nap I put her down for, she fell asleep once she had turned sideways, was laying on her side, and holding onto the crib slats.  I could watch her sleep for hours!

Wake Time
This weekend was the most that I have ever been away from Alynne.  We had two weddings this weekend, so we spent Friday-Monday at Ron’s parents house.  They watched Aly for most of the weekend, and she did so great!  It is so wonderful that she has so many people who love and care for her.  And Mami and Papi enjoyed the much needed time away!!
Today Alynne started making a “b” sound.  All day long I heard “bua bua bua buaaaa…” It’s amazing how quickly they develop, before we know it, she’ll be talking! 

Book: Squishy the Turtle
Song: anything by Joanie Leeds (it’s our jam these days)
Toy: Rings

At almost 5 months old, she is officially wearing 3-6 month clothes!!

First swing! She loved it =]

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!