Alynne Tiffany- Week 20

20 weeks old

Alynne is 20 weeks today! Woohoo!
At 4.5 months old, I swear we can already begin to see bits of Alynne’s personality... 
I think she’s got some silliness to her.  She’ll do things to make sure Mami and Papi laugh and smile. 
She’s good-natured.  She always just goes with the flow.  If we want to go out for the day and take her all around the city, she’s cool with it.  If we want to hang out in the house all day, also okay. 
I think she’ll be imaginative like her momma.  She can always easily entertain herself! 
And lastly, which warms my heart the most, I think she is going to be a very caring person.  The night I watched her “twin”, right as it was time for Aly to wake up and eat, her friend started to cry.  I momentarily panicked because I figured Aly would freak out because she was hungry, and then I’d have two crying babies on my hands.  But instead, Aly just sat in the carrier staring at her friend with such concern, like she just wanted to make sure she was okay first! It wasn’t until she stopped crying, that Aly even began to pay attention to me!
And who knows, maybe I make this stuff up in my mind, but I think our girl is pretty sweet!! ;)

Things haven’t really changed in this area, still struggling a bit.  The pediatrician doesn’t seem worried though, and said at this age it’s normal for babies to prefer a side, become easily distracted, and with my increased activity + her increased appetite, means my body’s trying to keep up with it all! So, praying this gets better and Aly continues to grow healthy and strong. 

Sleep has been wonderful.  She’s quite the pro now! ;)

Wake Time
This weekend, Gigi came to visit us.  Aly loved playing with her, and we enjoyed some good travels around the city with her! 
Monday, we went to our first baby gymnastics class! Aly had a blast and is making some new friends =] 
She loves to jump and bounce right now, and she also has figured out how to splash in the bathtub and loves it! Anything to move those little feet, she loves! 
We got Alynne's ears pierced yesterday! She did great =]

12 lbs 6 oz

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!