Alynne Tiffany- Week 17

17 weeks old

The Alygator is 17 weeks today, and 4 months tomorrow! It’s hard to believe!  We took Aly to the doctor yesterday.  Aly was showing off for sure. She was laughing and smiling the whole time, and she even rolled over! She did have to get her 4 month set of shots.  She only cried a little and was quickly soothed by Mami and Papi.  We were afraid last night would be bad, like it was after her 2 month shots, but Aly was fine the rest of the day and night! She was just a little more mellow and cuddly, which is always fine by me!


We have continued with our new eating habits- every 3 hours, no night time feedings!

Aly is sleeping like a champ.  She takes really great naps, falls asleep easily at night, and most nights sleeps all the way through! We are starting to wean her from the swaddle today.  So far so good =] I think it definitely helps that she doesn’t sleep with her paci any more and can’t pull it out of her mouth!

Wake Time
Alynne is at such a fun age.  She loves to stare at (and feel) our faces.  She loves to smile and laugh all the time.  People often tell us how we have the happiest baby.  She really is such a blessing.  I took Aly to the park for the very first time this week with some friends.  She didn’t get to play on anything yet, but enjoyed watching all the big kids run around! =]   


11 lbs 15 oz
24.5 in

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!