Alynne Tiffany- Week 16

16 weeks old

Today Alynne is 16 weeks! I feel like a lot happened this week.  We have finally had some good weather, so we have been outside as much possible! One of my favorite moments from this week was when one night we went to get her ready for bed, and usually we try to be as calming and soothing as we can to get settled down for bed.  Well Aly wasn’t having it.  I’ve never seen her laugh so much! She would just laugh and squeal at anything (or nothing) that we did.  Ron and I didn’t fight it, it was just too darn cute! It’s one of my favorite things, hearing Alynne laugh and seeing her smile!


So Friday night, Aly had a hard time going down for bed, and I think because she was so exhausted, she slept right through her usual 5am feeding, and slept til 8am! I had already been thinking she was ready to drop that feeding, and with the time change Saturday night, it was the perfect time to wean her from it! So Saturday night when she woke to eat at 5am, I just gave her her paci instead and she slept til morning! And every night since then she has either not woken up at all or put herself back to sleep!
Aly also dropped one of her evening feedings.  I had been working to eliminate one, and Monday afternoon, I fell asleep while Aly napped, overslept my alarm, and we missed the feeding!! Aly was fine and clearly ready to drop that feeding as well.
So within one week, she went from eating 8 times a day to 6! Woohoo!

Well, we said we would give the whole Cry It Out thing a try for one week and see how things were going…and I am SO happy to say that Aly is sleeping through the night now!!! She goes to bed at 8:30, dream feeds at 11, and doesn’t wake up until 8am! It is pretty awesome. 
Taking away her paci definitely helped.  Once we took it away, she continued to do better soothing herself.  There have of course been some times along the way where she’s needed it or us to get to sleep, but for the most part, she’s doing amazing! In the grand scheme of things, being sleep-deprived for 3.5 months isn’t so bad ;)

Wake Time
It is getting easier to go out and about with Aly now that she stays awake longer and what not.  Saturday was a beautiful day.  So we took Alynne outside to play for a bit.  She loved it! We also had several adventures this weekend…we took a trip to visit the Jodeits and play with Emma! We had dinner with our upstairs neighbors.  We visited Apostles church on Sunday.  Lastly, we also visited sweet baby J.D. who was born Sunday. It was a jam packed weekend, but lots of fun!

First time in church nursery! (Granted, Uncle Levi and Aunt Shannon were the nursery workers that day!) 

 She can now sit in her carrier without the infant insert!


8:00am morning feeding

9:15am nap
11:00am feeding

12:15pm nap
2:00pm feeding

3:15pm nap
4:45/5:00pm feeding

6:00pm nap
7:45/8:00pm bedtime feeding

11:00pm dreamfeed

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!