Alynne Tiffany- Week 18

18 weeks old

Alynne is 18 weeks today!  This week was busy!  We got to have a playdate on Friday, then we spent the weekend at Lito and Lita’s house!  Aly had such a great time there!  We had our usual Family Date Day on Monday (ventured to the East Side!).  And yesterday we visited our Field friends! It’s definitely getting easier to get out and about with Aly which is becoming so fun!
Today I have started boxing up some clothes that don’t fit and bringing out some new clothes.  She is just growing up too fast!!


This week, I feel like we’ve had some issues with her only wanting to eat on one side.  I started to try a few things to correct that today, so hopefully it gets better.
This week we tried to go back to me feeding Aly at her dreamfeed instead of Ron, but after several days of her waking between 5-6 and having a hard time going back down, we went back to giving her a bottle, which seemed to help. So we may try again in a couple weeks. Though I hate pumping, I’d rather pump than lose sleep ;) 

She kept waking up between 5-6, but like I said earlier, we were able to resolve that by going back to a bottle at her dreamfeed.  Also, Aly doesn’t seem to do well sleeping outside of our home.  We spent the weekend at Ron’s parents, and she napped and slept poorly.  I’m hoping that as she gets older, this will improve.
Most days, Aly only takes 3 long naps now, and no 4th catnap! 

Wake Time
Aly has started rolling over more frequently.  She has started sucking her thumb this week.  It’s pretty adorable really.  She loves to be tickled with kisses and laughs often!  She is such a sweet baby.  Though, we did have one of our roughest days last Thursday.  She was fussy all day long and wouldn’t nap.  But by the next day, she was fine! I guess we all have our bad days!   


She wore her first 3-6 month onesie today haha!  She’s a tiny thing ;)

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!