Alynne Tiffany- Week 13

13 weeks old

The Gator is 13 weeks today, 3 months tomorrow! Wow!
She is already a well-travelled baby.  She’s been to 4 states, all before 3 months! This weekend, we flew to Michigan for my Grandma’s 80th birthday.  It was such a great time to spend with family, and for a lot of them to meet Alynne.  She did great being passed around between everyone and being out of her normal routine.  


Lately (mostly in the evenings), Aly has been somewhat insatiable.  Perhaps she’s having a growth spurt? 
We have also consistently gotten her down to one feeding at night (around 5am) woot!

Well, it was a rough week to say the least.  Ron got sick during the weekend, so that meant night time duty was all me, and there was one night where she was up every 20-30 minutes! I was a bit of a zombie this week.  And then miraculously (and just like the doctor said she would), she didn’t wake up at all during the night, just to eat the one time, and then right back down! This however, only happened 2 nights, merp.  The last two nights, she got up 2-3 times. But I think we’re making progress!  Also, one of those 2 nights that she didn’t wake up a bunch, she actually didn’t wake up to eat until almost 6- meaning I got about 6.5 hours straight sleep that night- the longest I’ve had since Alynne was born!!
Anyways, we’re sticking to our current plan and hoping by the weekend she will consistently have good nights!  (Then it’s time to start weaning from the swaddle-always something!)

I can’t say enough how blessed we are to have such an easy going and happy baby.  She is a true joy to be around.  We can’t get enough of her!
This week, Aly has started to grab for things more.  She will reach towards her rattle, in fact today I placed the rattle in her right hand, and when I walked back, it was in her left hand! Talk about coordination!!   
She is also starting to laugh more these days, and yesterday she started letting out a little high pitched squeal amidst the laugh attacks!
She enjoys being read to, and thinks it's so fun when she "dances" with momma!

She found her feet!


8:00am morning feeding

9:00am nap
11:00am feeding

12:00 pm nap
1:30pm feeding

2:30pm nap
4:00pm feeding

5:00pm nap
6:00pm feeding

7:00pm nap
8:00pm bedtime feeding

10:45pm dreamfeed

5:00am feeding

Special Events
Flew to Michigan and met Great Grandma and lots more! 

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!