Alynne Tiffany- Week 12

12 weeks old

Alynne is 12 weeks today! It really has flown by.
We went to the doctor on Monday for a check up…

Dr: Is she sleeping an 8 hour stretch at night?
Me: ha! no…
Dr: 6 hours?
Me: uhh no…
Dr: 5?
Me: nope…she sleeps like 3-4 hour stretches

So apparently Aly has been holding out on us! The doctor said she is perfectly capable of sleeping longer stretches.  She suspected that when I dreamfeed her at around 11, that she is not eating enough then.  So she suggested that we try having Ron feed her a 4 oz bottle, so that we can make sure that she eats enough.  So Monday night we tried this, and she didn’t eat until 5am! However, she still woke up at 2:30 like usual, and then from there proceeded to wake up another 6 times.  It was probably the worst night we’ve had since those first couple weeks.  The doctor said it would take about a week for her to adjust, but to be persistent.  So last night, we tried again.  Same thing, she ate at 5, but began her wakings at 2:30.  Last night she only woke about 4 times though.  So hopefully we’re making progress.  I hope that when I’m writing this blog next week, I can say we have her down to one night feeding and no waking in between! This momma is tired!

This was also the first full week of us both being back at work.  It went pretty well, considering I got a cold in the middle of it all too.  Gone are the days of when you’re sick and you can just lay around and rest! But fortunately, I am better and Aly never got sick. 

Yesterday Aly got to play with some little friends for the first time- Emma and Fairley.  She was a trooper through all the tickling and hugging =]


Like I said before, we have got her down to one feeding at night, we just got to work out the sleeping part of that still!  And during the day, she is about the same as last week.

Naps are pretty consistent these days (3 long, 2 catnaps).  And like I said, this week’s night sleep has been crazy as we’re trying to stretch her feedings!

Alynne went on a couple full out laughing sprees this week.  I love when those occur.  There is no rhyme or reason to them though.  The things that make her laugh one day, do nothing the next lol.  Aly has also started to “talk” a lot this week.  She loves to sit there and coo and make noises.  She’s becoming a lot more interactive.  She likes to play with her rattles, and has started to tolerate tummy time.   

11 lbs 2 oz- Still a little bitty thing =]
Growing and perfectly healthy!

Rolled over!  This morning Aly rolled over for the first time! And then she wouldn’t stop doing it haha.  I think it was her plan to thwart tummy time ;)


Same as last week, just minus a night feeding!

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!