Alynne Tiffany- Week 51

51 weeks old

So I wrote this post last night and then realized I never took a photo of her, so I had to wait until this morning to post haha.

Miss Alynne Tiffany is 51 weeks today! This week Aly & I traveled to Oklahoma for the weekend.  Our flight was super delayed Thursday evening, so we didn't end up arriving until 1:30am OK time.  Flying is definitely not getting easier lol.  She's getting bigger, so it is harder for her to sit still.  Also since she is not used to sleeping on me, it is difficult for her to sleep on me during the plane ride.  My body was going numb from sitting in an uncomfortable chair with a child sleeping on me, so I was incredibly uncomfortable, and every time I would try to move just an inch, Aly would let out a cry of fury.  So it was a long flight.  I was thinking to myself, man, it will be so nice when she is old enough to curl up on the seat next to me and sleep with her head in my lap!  But then that thought was quickly shot down when I realized that by then I will probably have an infant strapped to my chest as well, and I will probably be thinking back to this moment and wondering why I ever complained.  

Friday we got to spend the day with all of the grandparents.  She sure is loved! It's always fun for me to see them on the ground crawling around and chasing after Alynne.  Then on Saturday we had a birthday party for her.  It was great to get to have everyone all together and celebrate.  Aly loved all of the tissue paper and balloons! Sunday we were all over the place visiting friends and family, and Monday we flew home! It was a short trip, but it's always great to visit! 

Some randomness....

-While at Aunt Jamy's house, Alynne got lots of practice crawling up and down stairs.  I knew she could go up them just fine, but I was so surprised that when she got to the top she turned around and went back down them feet first! We've been practicing doing a similar thing with getting off of the couch, so maybe she just related the two!

-Alynne is very into putting things on her head at the moment.  She loves to grab clothing and stick them on her head and crawl around like that.  She is quite silly.

-She has started blowing kisses.  Adorable.

-She has napped AMAZING this week! Wahoo!