Alynne Tiffany- Week 50

50 weeks old

Miss Alynne is 50 weeks old today! That seems impossible haha.  How is it that we only have 2 weeks left of her first year?! Crazy. 
This weekend was Alynne's first Halloween!  We took her trick-or-treating at the Museum of Natural History with a big group of friends.  Alynne was Pebbles Flinstone! I actually made her entire costume.  Warning: domesticated mom story...I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out- I figured it could either turn out really frumpy looking or super cute.  I think it turned out cute =]  I even made her bone hairpiece, which was actually the first thing I've ever sewn in my life! It was so fun making her outfit, and I'm excited to continue my crafting journey haha.  I have even asked for a sewing machine for Christmas, oh my, who am I?!

All the kids were dressed so cute! Once we snapped enough photos, we all ventured into the madhouse that was the museum.  It was pure chaos.  Aly and I met up with Ron inside, and we made our way through the musuem.  It's a neat experience to say we did, but I don't think we'll be doing it again next year, it was a bit too chaotic for us! 

We also took family photos/1st birthday photos with Liz Castro on Sunday afternoon.  She is seriously such an amazing photographer!! She has done our maternity, newborn, and various other mini shoots, and I'm obsessed with them all, but I think these are my favorite!  Her husband Ray got Alynne to smile like no other! So sweet.

Some random tidbits:

-On Halloween, we were going trick-or-treating in the late afternoon, which is normally when Alynne naps, so I thought it would probably just be best to keep her up all morning and let her get one good long nap in right before the museum.  You can see a photo of it below, but at one point, she was laying on the floor "playing" trying oh-so hard to fight sleep! It was pretty adorable.  (Oh and my plan totally backfired, and she only napped 45 minutes that entire day! womp womp.)

-Alynne is obsessed with playing peek-a-boo.  I often see her doing it by herself, and one day this weekend, she had taken her stroller blanket and started playing it with the cashier at the grocery store! What a ham!

- Ron has found the way to Miss Alynne's heart--food.  She loves to eat, and more importantly, she knows who will share with her.  Whenever we're both eating something, she makes a beeline for Ron and gives him those puppy dog eyes (and of course, who could resist?!), and he gives her whatever he's eating.  She has also resorted to smothering Ron with kisses until he gives in! She knows how to sweet talk him!

-Alynne also has a special game she loves to play with Papi.  She sits on the bed waiting for Ron to "attack."  When he comes chasing after her, she flings her whole body into the covers burying her face with a squeal of delight, and then immediately pops up waiting for him to attack again. 

-During Aly's first birthday photo shoot, she stood up on her own for the first time! I was so excited!! We're getting closer to walking! 

-Morning nap time has been crazy lately.  I have no clue what to do.  I put her down, she lays down immediately and lays still for a solid 10-15 minutes and then pops up and proceeds to play and walk around her crib for the next 30 or 45 minutes.  I have tried putting her down earlier and later and it's the same thing every time! So who knows!