Alynne Tiffany- Week 46

46 weeks old

Miss Alynne Gator Tiffany Arevalo the Third, Duchess of the Riverview, Heir to the Throne of Arevalo (as Ron likes to call her) is 46 weeks old today! 

This week Alynne got her first fever.  Honestly, it wasn't too bad.  The Diaper Rash Fiasco of May 2014 has scarred us I think.  But anywho, here's the story...

Last Thursday, I had a work meeting, so I dropped Aly off with Amanda and Hadley.  She had seemed perfectly fine all day long, so I wasn't even the slightest bit concerned.  However, an hour after being gone, Amanda called me because Aly was being unusually fussy and clingy and she had taken her temperature which was 103.  I had a mini panic attack because my poor baby had never had a fever before, but I knew that Aly was in great hands and being taken care of wonderfully!! It's times like these that I am beyond thankful for our friends here in the city who step up and become family to you.  

So I raced home to get Aly, and when I got her, she was just so darn sad!! She immediately fell asleep on me until we went to the doctor.  By then her fever was at 104.  The doctor said that it was too early to tell anything, and if the fever persisted, bring her back on Saturday.  So we spent the next few days with a feverish child.  Other than the fever and a little runny nose, she didn't have any other symptoms.  While Alynne wasn't feeling well, all she wanted to do was sleep and snuggle.  She would nap 5-6 hours during the day, sleep through the night fine, and when she was awake, she just wanted to sit in my lap stroking my hair or reading a book.  Of course I hated seeing her feeling bad, but it was nice to be able to get extra work done during the long naps, and not spend my afternoons chasing her around--boy did I soak up those snuggles!!  

After Saturday's doctor appointment, Aly was doing a lot better and getting back to her normal self.  Even Sunday she seemed fine until she woke from her first nap having vomited.  She was then having difficulty breathing and crying as if in pain.  So we rushed to the urgent care, where we found out that she just had an upper respiratory infection and the excess mucus was irritating her.  

Phew, the things you worry about as a parent! I never thought I'd be the type to be rushing to the doctor for every little thing, but here we are! It's hard being a new parent sometimes and trying to decipher your little one's cries and deciding what is urgent and what isn't!  We are certainly learning as we go! 

By Monday, Aly was perfectly fine and back to her usual self, and by yesterday we were finally venturing back outside! 

I am thankful our sweet girl is feeling better and glad to get back into our fun routine of things!

And here's some pics from the week!