Alynne Tiffany- Week 45

45 weeks old

Alynne Tiffany is 45 weeks old today! This weekend we went upstate to go apple picking! It was her (and my) first time to go.  It definitely reminded me of Oklahoma.  There were hay bales, fair food, a pumpkin patch, and live country music!  The only thing different was the apple trees!  We went with a group of friends and had such a great time.  Aly definitely enjoyed the pumpkins over the apples.  I think she will enjoy the apples more once she is able to walk around and explore.  However, she absolutely loved the pumpkins and was so content to crawl all over the ground exploring one pumpkin to the next.  The day was so fun!  
Of course, Aly very rarely is able to nap unless she's horizontal, so she stayed awake all day long until we got home.  This means she was awake from 8-4 straight!  I thought for sure she would take a nice long nap once she was in her crib, but she barely took a catnap!  We certainly suffered the consequences of a day out.  She was beyond cranky for the rest of the evening, until needless to say, we put her down to bed early!

Sunday we enjoyed an afternoon with her Lito and Lita.  We had a great time, and took her to the park to play for awhile.  She loves her grandparents! 

We've had a pretty ordinary week so far, a few playdates here and there and helping me work! ;)

I'm beginning to see that Aly understands things that I say to her.  For example, every morning as Alynne and I are in bed snuggling, I ask her where Papi is, and she immediately looks at his side of the bed and crawls onto his pillows.  Another time today I asked her if she wanted to go into the living room and she looked that direction.  And of course, whenever I ask her to "come here," she does!

And before I forget, two random crib stories:

Last night in the middle of the night, Ron and I both woke up, not because Alynne was crying or making noise, but because we heard the door squeaking open and closed.  We looked over to see Alynne standing up, reaching over the crib, playing silently with the door!  She did this for a few minutes, and then laid back down without a peep and didn't stir again until morning.  I really think she was sleep-playing haha!

Then this morning while Aly was still napping, I was in the living room working, and all of a sudden I hear the bedroom doorknob rattling.  It scared me so bad...until I flipped on the monitor to see that Alynne was awake and playing with the doorknob.  Unfortunately, until we get a bigger apartment, Aly will be able to continue with her door fascination!!

Here are some pics from the week!