Tot School- October 2014 (11 Months Old)

Tot School was a little crazy this month.  Alynne was sick one week, and we also never seemed to have any real order to our activities this month, which is okay! We still had a great time and got to do lots of activities, many with her best friend H!  We also took a field trip to the Sesame Street Exhibit. I have added notes under each category for how the activities went for us and pictures at the bottom! 

October 2014 Schedule

Verse:  “For God, who said, let light shine out of darkness.” -2 Corinthians 4:6
Verso: “Porque Dios, que ordenó que la luz resplandeciera en las tinieblas.” -2 Corintios 4:6

Color: Orange
Color: Anaranjado

Letter: P
Letra: P

Orange/Anaranjado: pumpkin/calabaza, orange/naranja, carrot/zanahoria, tiger/tigre, butterfly/mariposa, basketball/pelota de baloncesto, goldfish/pez, fire/fuego

P: pear, plant, piano, penguin, park, pie, pig, pumpkin, parrot, peas
P (español): pera, planta, piano, pingüino, pastel, park, pies, pan, pato, Papi


The Pumpkin Gospel
The Pumpkin Patch Parable
Where is Baby’s Pumpkin
5 Little Pumpkins
Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin
I Love You Little Pumpkin

The Duck & Goose book was our favorite! We didn't really care for 5 little pumpkins though, but enjoyed the rest!

Music Mondays

-This little light of mine

-We are pumpkins (tune: Mary had a little lamb)
We are pumpkins, big and round,
Big and round, big and round.
We are pumpkins, big and round,
Seated on the ground.

-Pumpkin song (tune: I’m a little teapot)
I’m a little pumpkin Orange and round.
Here is my stem, There is the ground.
When I get all cut up, Don’t you shout!
Just open me up And scoop me out!

Alynne LOVED these songs.  We sang them just about every day this month. She would giggle like crazy whenever I did the Pumpkin Song with her.

Math Tuesdays

-counting pumpkin seeds
-compare pumpkin sizes
-pumpkin bowling

We did all of these activities! Aly loved to do the pumpkin bowling.  She of course needed some help rolling the pumpkin, but loved to use it to knock our tower down!  

Art Wednesdays

-orange pumpkin scented edible finger painting (with printout)
-pumpkin hand prints (here)
-pumpkin cutout sticky art

We enjoyed the finger painting as usual.  I have added a photo at the bottom with the ingredients for this.
We didn't do the other two activities; however, we did finger paint a paper plate pumpkin, and decorate a felt pumpkin! Activities that aren't edible are a little difficult for us right now because Aly wants to put everything in her mouth! So lots of supervision =]


Science/Sensory Thursdays

-homemade pumpkin playdoh (here)
-carving and exploring pumpkin
-glow in the dark orange bath
-pumpkin seed sensory bin

We used a different playdoh recipe that was just pumpkin and flour.  It was simple to make, but it never really lost its stickiness no matter how much flour I added! The girls still enjoyed playing with it (Aly really only wanted to eat it). I think next time we'll try my original recipe plan!
We carved pumpkins with both girls one evening.  I am typically not one for mess, so I am thankful that Tot School forces me out of my comfort zone because the girls loved it!! I'm so glad we did this, but man, it was so tiring! It took all four adults to make sure the babies weren't eating the seeds, slipping on the slime, and staying away from the carving knife! But they certainly enjoyed it! 

Alynne loved playing with the glow sticks in the bathtub in the dark! 
She enjoyed the pumpkin seed sensory bin, but again it required constant supervision since she just wanted to eat the seeds.

Sensory activities are definitely our current favorite!  Also, we wanted to do a candy corn foot print with the girls, but never got to it.  Overall, it was a great month, and it is so fun to be in the holiday season!