Alynne Tiffany- Week 47

47 weeks old

Miss Alynne Tiffany is 47 weeks old today!

Last week we went to the library for our first Story Time.  I had been wanting to go since Aly was a couple months old, but the timing never worked with naps, or things would just come up.  But we finally made it, and she had such a good time.  I was quite surprised that she was so content to sit quietly and still in my lap while the librarian read to the children.  She made a couple friends during the play time, and I definitely think we'll try to add this to our weekly routine! Such fun!

This weekend we went to visit her grandparents in Long Island.  She had a blast as usual.  She loved having all the space to crawl around and explore, and Lita fed her well while we were there! 

Sunday evening we had church and Ron and I were on nursery duty.  It was a very chaotic time, and I have found that the weeks that I serve in nursery, Aly doesn't do so well.  I think she gets flustered when other children are crying and I'm attending to them and holding them instead of her!  We sent her with the big kids, and she was perfectly content.  Guess she just needs to be away from her Mama every now and then! 

Yesterday Alynne was reunited with her bestie Hadley after two weeks apart! They were all smiles when they saw each other, and it is so fun to see them actually play together now.  They are the sweetest!

Today I took Alynne down to the Lincoln Center library to see the Sesame Street exhibit.  There were definitely some cool things to look at, but I think I would have enjoyed a little more if I had been an avid Sesame Street fan growing up.  Still worth seeing though! 

Aly still is such a friendly baby.  I stay home with her all day everyday, so it often surprises me when she doesn't hesitate to go to others.  I am definitely thankful for this! 
Granted, when she is tired or hungry, she wants nobody but me. This typically happens when I am beyond exhausted and ready to hand her over to Ron, but alas I look down as I'm cooking to find a Gator clinging to my leg.  ;)

The other day I bought Alynne some new socks that have little grippy things on the bottom.  They are 0-6 month socks, and they still fell right off her feet.  -___-

Alynne discovered the backup paci we keep in her diaper bag this week.  One day she trekked into the room to dig her paci out of her crib, came back into the living room, opened up the diaper bag, fished around inside it until she found the other paci, and then proceeded to carry them both around all morning.

Alynne learned a few tricks this week.  When we say "aww" she will rest her head on your shoulder, the high chair, floor, etc. haha.  She also started playing peek-a-boo with her being the one who hides.  She also knows the difference between "twisting" and "shaking" now.  She loves to twist and shake with her new tambourine.  

We've been having nap issues lately. It takes her a realllllly long time to go down.  I've tried putting her down earlier and later, and nothing seems to help.  Hoping it's just a phase.

Well I think that is all for this week!