Alynne Tiffany- Week 48

48 weeks old

This week Miss Alynne is 48 weeks old and 11 months old! Yikes! Not much longer until 1!
At the end of last week Alynne and her best friend Hadley got to carve their very first pumpkin together! They loved it!  Aly was very interested in sticking all of the pumpkin seeds in her mouth, so it definitely took all four adults to carve and monitor the babies! It was such a fun experience though! 

This weekend Alynne got Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.  She has huge blisters all over her feet, mouth, and they cover all of her hands and fingers.  It is such a horrible viral infection!! 
She woke up Saturday morning with a fever but no other symptoms.  Ron took care of her all day while I was out, and by the evening the fever was gone.  Sunday she started getting some bumps on her chin, but she was also really drooly, so we thought it could have been from that and teething.  Since we weren't really sure what it was, we kept her in the service with us at church just in case.  She was completely fine while at church, but in the middle of service when I changed her diaper, her entire legs were covered in a rash.  By the time we got home, it had gotten a lot worse.  We emailed the doctor and realized that she had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  She was crying so much from pain, and she didn't eat dinner, and couldn't even make it through her bottle.  Those are the nights where you just feel helpless as a parent, wishing you could make it all better, or at the very least have your child tell you exactly what's wrong! 

That night and the next night she woke up all throughout the night and only would go to sleep on my chest.  This was the first time we've ever coslept with her, and there is no way I could ever do that on a regular basis haha.  I was all hot and sweaty and stiff from not moving, and I was never in a deep sleep because I was worried about her.  So needless to say, we've all been very tired this week!  

Fortunately, yesterday Alynne took a turn for the better.  In the evening she was actually starting to play again and seemed more like herself.  She also slept through the night last night and has napped great today!  Even though she still has a multitude of blisters all over, I think she is starting to feel better! Thank goodness! 

We are also so incredibly grateful for all of our friends and family who have prayed for all of us, checked up on us, and even bought us dinner! We truly are blessed.