Alynne Tiffany- Week 49

Miss Alynne Tiffany is 49 weeks old today!

49 weeks old

This weekend we had a marriage & parenting conference at our church, so Alynne got to spend the evening with our dear friend Liz on Friday night, and she spent Saturday morning in the nursery.  I had to get Aly halfway through the conference on Saturday because she was crying so much though.  This was unusual for sure, but given that it was right during her morning nap, I half expected it. So Aly got to sit in on some of the conference too haha. 

This week has been pretty chill for us.  Just working, errands, and lots of playing!

Here are just some random things happening these days:

-Aly can now stand for long periods of time without holding onto anything.  I think it's more of a mental game than anything for her-if she's distracted, she will stand for a very long time, but the second she realizes what she's doing, she plops down!

-Alynne is starting to climb.  She climbed inside a box one night, and she also climbed up on top of a package of paper towels.

-Her favorite toy right now is the Dino that Uncle Jason gave her.  She hugs it every day and reads it stories.

-She knows how to swipe on my phone and does so to flip through the photos and videos on my phone.

-Aly understands the concept of "in" and "out".  She loves to sit there taking things and out of her toy boat.

-Her favorite game to play is peek-a-boo.  She loves to duck down behind the coffee table or couch and pop up at me with a little "huh" noise.  And if there is nothing to hide behind, she will simply turn her head away from me and then pop back around! 

-She is developing such a silly personality which I love! She loves making me or Ron laugh (she currently starts grinning and laughing whenever she toots!!)

-She loves to dance! (yay!) Whenever music is on or when Papi plays his guitar for her, she bobs up and down and side to side!

-Still no first word!  I thought for sure it had happened when you were sick.  You would stand in your crib saying "mama, mama" until I came and got you.  It was precious.  However, you continue to babble mama all the time without any real regard to me haha. So we're still waiting for that one!

-She is understanding so much these days! A few things I can think of off the top of my head: "Bring me a story to read to you," "Hand me ___," "Give Mami/Papi a kiss," "Where's Aly," "No (hehe)," "awww (lays her head down or hugs)," "twist", "shake," "more," and "all done."