Alynne Tiffany- Week 10


Alynne is 10 weeks today! Woohoo! Two things I wanted to write about…
1. Last week I forgot to write about this, but a week ago we were out running errands, I had brought Aly upstairs in the stroller, while Ron returned the zipcar.  She had already been asleep for a long time and it was past time for her to eat, so I was surprised she hadn’t woken up yet.  I took the car seat cover off, expecting the light alone to wake her, only she didn’t even flinch.  So I began to somewhat hastily take the straps off her, to which she still didn’t move.  At this point I started freaking out.  I started tapping her feet and saying her name, and after a few seconds, that felt like an eternity, she stirred and opened her eyes.  I guess she was just a very sleepy baby that day.  But man did it scare me.  It was probably the scariest moment in my life, all I could do afterwards was hug my little girl and thank God for this gift He has given us.  I was also reminded that our children are not our own, God has just entrusted us with them.  That is often a hard concept for me to grasp.
2. Monday night Ron went back to class, and so I was alone with Aly for the evening.  She was having a pretty rough night, and I must confess that I let my sinful nature get the best of me.  When she wouldn’t nap, instead of understanding that she’s just a little baby, I got upset at her.  I didn’t act out of that anger by any means, but just me getting upset was enough to have me weeping on the floor.  I’ve heard it said before, but children really do magnify our sins.  And unfortunately, I know that this is only the beginning.  As a sinful person, I am bound to continue to mess up as a parent.  I just pray that I can always ask God and my children for forgiveness when I do.  Of course, 5 minutes after I (and Aly) stopped crying, she started smiling and laughing for me.  God sure does give good gifts.


Aly did it again! There was only one night where she only got up once to eat, and she didn’t even wake up early! It was awesome.  Only it didn’t happen again, just once haha.

She did really well this week sleeping.  I definitely think pushing bedtime back helped!

Everyone always comments on how expressive and happy Aly is.  I often wonder what she’ll be like when she gets older and if she’ll have the same temperament.   
Alynne loves to sit up like a big girl these days.  If you lean her against the couch, she pulls herself forward to sit up!
Though Aly likes to practice sitting up, she hates tummy time.  She starts wailing the second she’s placed on her tummy.  So who knows how she’s going to learn to roll over haha.

Special Events
We spent the weekend with Lito and Lita! Aly loved getting to spend time with her grandparents!

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!