Alynne Tiffany- Week 4

4 weeks old

4 weeks old


This week was a little more eventful, with an all day outing, Ron’s birthday and a doctors appointment!  (With this weather and a newborn, we don’t get out much!)  Aly handled it all like a champ. 
Ron and I continue to navigate these waters of being new parents.  I am thankful that we balance each other out well and keep each other calm and sane (well, mostly him calming me down haha).  Ron’s a great father, and even though I’m the one who read a thousand books and blogs on parenting, I learn so much from him.  Ron always keeps things in perspective and truly gets that this is but a moment in time, one that we’ll never get back.

Alynne eats every 2-2.5 hours for about 10-15 minutes.  She did go a few nights this week of only waking up to eat twice in the middle of the night, but this was only on the nights she had trouble getting to sleep.   

I think we jinxed ourselves.  Just the other day we were saying how Aly hadn’t had any problems sleeping at night for the last two weeks.  Then starting Saturday night she started having trouble going down for the night.  Which then escalated to being up in the middle of the night Monday night, to being up all night last night.  Sooo hopefully we get back to some normalcy soon.

Aly has started to get a bit more fussy this week.  This is usually when she’s tired, but she hasn’t been easily consoled.  It has taken quite a bit of rocking and a pacifier to calm her down.  We are going to try to get her to be a little less dependent on the pacifier this week.  We’ll see how that goes.

8lbs 12 oz
21.5 in
Healthy as can be =]

First all day outing   

This is what her feeding schedule typically looks like these days.  Her naps aren’t quite as consistent.

8:00am morning feeding
10:30am feeding
1:00pm feeding
3:30pm feeding
5:30pm feeding
7:30pm bedtime feeding
10:30pm dreamfeed
1:00am feeding
3:30am feeding
5:30am feeding

Special Events
Ron’s birthday was on Friday!  We didn’t get to do anything for it though, between finals and a newborn!  But it was still an enjoyable day =]
We took Aly with us to our church’s marriage conference this weekend.  She did so great! Everyone loved getting to meet her.
We also had her one month checkup on Monday.  She is a very healthy baby! We thank God everyday for her health.