Jackson Graham- 49 Weeks

49 weeks old

Jackson is 49 weeks old! I’m getting behind on these posts lately haha. The weeks have been busy! We wrapped up the summer by going to San Diego with Gigi and Bop. It was a ton of fun! Jackson did great on the plane ride there, and survived the plane ride back haha. And while we were there, he was such a trooper to nap on me at the beach each morning. He also really loved the ocean. He would bounce and splash in it nonstop with such joy! He’s definitely a little water baby!

We had a couple other adventures around the city these past two weeks. Jackson went to Governor’s Island for the first time, the children’s museum, and Gulliver’s Gate with some friends! It was so fun at the children’s museum actually able to play and enjoy himself a bit!

Jackson started sitting for his baths, and he is loving it now!

He also has his first tooth coming in! We can just feel the tip of it coming through.

Jackson is doing big things these last couple weeks—he found his feet, started rolling, and can get up to his knees! Woohoo!

Therapy is still going really well. We are already starting to see some progress in how he plays and interacts which is just really awesome to see!

Jackson's cheering squad!
Therapy doesn't stop on vacation!
What Jackson really thinks of therapy