Jackson Graham- 51 Weeks

51 weeks old

Jackson is 51 weeks old.! Only one more week before this little guy turns 1, and tomorrow we are celebrating his birthday! Wow, time flies!

These past two weeks have gone quickly. The big kids started back at school, and Jackson and I are getting into a routine with just the two of us. We are loving the quality time together! And Jackson is always so thrilled when we go to pick up Fynn & Aly.

We also went apple picking, and Jackson loved the pumpkins!

And we also got to take family pictures last week. I love how they all turned out!

Jackson is working so hard in therapy. He is doing well and starting to interact with his toys more. Last week he was finally approved for PT and speech therapy as well. Yesterday he had his first PT session, and it went so well! He’s got a lot to work on, but he is determined! He even crawled a couple of times yesterday! Next week he’ll start speech too, and then soon he will probably begin OT as well. We love this little guy so much and are just so proud of him. He works really hard!

Jackson is getting his first tooth! It’s about halfway out now.

Also, Jackson got his first big boy haircut today! :)

Jackson does this cute thing where he sucks his bottom lip in and out repeatedly!
Playing with Aly!
Look who's standing!
Jackson LOVES Baby Shark
Jackson is nailing his homework!
One day of PT and look who is crawling!