Jackson Graham- Week 2

2 Weeks Old

Yesterday was our original induction date, so it’s crazy to think that Jackson is already two weeks old! He is still an incredibly sleepy, chill baby. He has started having periods of awake time, but even then, he just lays there calmly taking everything in.

Our family loves Jackson dearly:
Aly finally started feeling better this week, so she’s gotten to hold Jackson a lot and loves to read to him! Fynn is still obsessed with him and needs to constantly know where Jackson is and what he’s doing (sleeping). Papi is an expert baby-waker, and this is a good thing with a preemie who still struggles to wake up and eat. He loves to tickle and kiss Jackson until he wakes him up enough to eat! Mami can’t put Jackson down. Any spare minute she has, she scoops Jackson up to cuddle him.


We’ve spent the last week with our new routine of nursing, pumping, bottle feeding, and thankfully Jackson started gaining weight! So we’ll continue with this a bit longer, and hopefully soon we can get off the bottle.


Jackson is doing so great at night now! Most nights he stays asleep in his bassinet the entire night, besides feedings. Mami is very grateful for this considering our new eating routine takes almost an hour each time!!

Wake Time

We’ve started to see Jackson awake a bit more this week! And it would appear that he has blue eyes (for now!). Like I said before, he is incredibly chill, pretty much never cries, unless he’s having his diaper changed!

And now for an overload of Jackson pictures :)

Papi Shenanigans
Little hiccups!
Baby snores