February 2017 Update

Atop the London Eye

February has been quite the month!  We started off the month with a stomach bug.  First Fynn got a fairly mild case of it, and then a couple of days later it hit me and Aly, then Bop and Papi! Yikes!!  So that same weekend Gigi, Bop, Uncle Jason, & Aunt Lexxie all came to stay with us.  We got to do a couple of fun things before the whole apartment was contaminated haha.  Even though we felt bad exposing everyone to the virus, we were super thankful they were there to help take care of us all! We could not have done without them!

Once everyone was feeling better, we enjoyed a couple calm weeks as a family.  After that, Ron left to work in London for two weeks.  The kids and I stayed behind for 6 days before flying out to meet him.  That was the longest I have been on my own with the kids!  It was tiring for sure haha.  And then after that, the kids and I, along with our friends Kendra & Becky, made our way to London.  I am so thankful the girls helped me get to London, because it would have been sooo much more difficult by myself!  They are real gems!  I did have to do the flight part by myself, so that was interesting.  Of the 7 hours, Fynn slept 3.5, Aly slept 2, and I slept .5!  Phew! We had a couple hiccups here and there (like the airline not wanting to let me keep Fynn in his carseat!!), but overall it was a smooth trip. 

Right now we are smack in the middle of our trip.  We've spent 5 days in London so far and still have another 3.  Ron and I have both already been to London before and are also still working while here, so we are taking things very slowly!  We've mostly been trying to do things the kids will enjoy and only stay out to their capacity!  So far, Aly really loved riding on the London Eye, and both kids really loved running around at the Transport Museum today.  My favorite thing by far has been the bus system here.  It has been so nice to just roll our big ol' stroller straight onto the bus without having to unload and fold up everything!  It's glorious!  After London, we will be flying to Paris, which we are super excited for!  So stay tuned for how that goes!

Fynnlan Seeley

-Fynn now shakes his head yes, and he will give a little laugh to go with it.  He understands so well and can clearly tell us what he wants!

-I was just starting to wonder when Fynn was going to start saying some words or sounds, and then it happened this month!  He first started saying "uh-oh" and then he can tell you what the cow says (mmmm), and what the firetruck says (weee weee weee)

-The first day that Ron left for London and I was on my own, I took the kids to a playground near by.  Fynn was standing right behind Aly on the equipment, and as I was helping Aly get her helmet off, I saw Fynn make his way to an open side.  There was no way I could get around to other side in time, so poor Fynn walked right off the edge of 3 feet playground equipment and fell, thankfully onto a pretty soft surface.  He was shaken up, but just fine.  He is far too daring for this poor Mama's heart!!

-Along those same lines, Fynn is figuring out anything and everything to climb these days.  Most recently, he figured out how to scale the back of the high chair, but then he gets quite distressed when he gets stuck at the top haha!

-Fynn loves to mimic anything and everything that Aly does.  He gets frustrated if I don't let him walk up and down the stairs himself, etc.

-Overall, Fynn did really well travelling to London.  He slept a decent amount on the plane, and was pretty content being cooped up in the car seat for a long period.  He adjusted to the time change well too, just woke up a little the first night! 

-Fynn has 6 teeth coming through this month (ouch!), so far one of them has actually poked through the surface.  

-He's still wearing a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes.  I can't believe that he's still wearing 6-9 month clothes, because he started wearing that size last March!! At least I'm getting really good use out of his clothes though!

-Fynn is still a fantastic eater.  he eats all. day. long.  He eats more than Aly does, and never turns down anything we give him, he's definitely not picky at all!  Now, if we even mention food (lunch, snack, sandwich, fruit, etc), he immediately drops what he's doing and points to the highchair fussing until he either gets food or melts down haha.  

Alynne Tiffany

-Aly can be very specific about the way she likes things done.  One morning, she requested to have "circle cereal with the milk in a cup instead of the bowl."

-The morning before the stomach bug hit us, Aly and I went with Gigi and Aunt Lexxie to the American Girl store.  Aly loved it and we got to get her doll's ears pierced!

-When Aly got the stomach bug, Papi had to take her to the ER that night because we couldn't keep her blood sugar up.  I hate that this seems to be what's going to be the norm for her when she gets sick like this.  Her little body just can't handle it though, and we are thankful that we can get quick help when we need to.  And Aly still talks about how cool it was to ride in an ambulance ;)

-A friend of ours gave Aly a penny one day.  She put it in her pocket and then we both forgot about it.  A couple days later, we went to the grocery store, and when we were checking out, Aly took her penny out of her pocket and handed it to the cashier to put in the tip jar.  This was such a sweet moment for me.  That was literally the only piece of money she has ever had, and the first thing she wanted to do was give it away!  I love her big heart!

-When Ron left for London, we actually had a lot of unseasonably warm weather, which was great.  Aly got to have a lot of practice on her scooter.  She has gotten so much better since the summer even.  She can steer it and use the brakes now!  I think she'll be scooting like a pro come summer time! 

-One day Aly told me that she wants to get a tattoo of a pink bird.  I told her we'd have to see if she still wanted that tattoo when she's 18. Later that day when we were at the playground, she told a friend of mine, "I'm going to be 4 soon, and then eventually 18.  And when I'm 18, I'm going to get a tattoo."  Haha!

-In preparation for the overnight flight, I didn't let Aly nap that day.  She is quite resilient when it comes to sleep, so I wanted her to be exhausted for the flight.  She's never been one to sleep unless horizontal in a bed, but I figured she'd have to be so tired that she would on the plane.  Man, did I underestimate her resiliency.  She did not fall asleep on the plan until almost 3am, that meant she was awake for 19 hours!! I couldn't believe it.  And since I didn't let her nap, boy was she cranky until she finally crashed! Phew.  She's funny though, because once she was out, there was nothing I could do to wake her up lol.  We'll see how the flight home from Paris goes! 

-Finally, she has done awesome on the trip so far.  It's been fun because she was counting down the days until this trip and was ecstatic when she saw the double decker buses and could ride on the tops like we talked about.  She also has a book about London, and she's loved being able to point out buildings to me when she sees them.  

Morning stories
She's getting so big!
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Snow day!
Little lion! Rawr!!
Eating applesauce and chatting with Fynn
Shadow party!
Love this little lion!
62° weather in February calls for scooter practice!
Fynn learned a new word! Uh-oh!
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What's the cow say?
Saying hello to Big Ben from the London Eye
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