October 2017 Update

October was another busy month!  We spent a lot of the first part of the month passing around some sickness.  Fynn ended up getting Hand Foot and Mouth, but fortunately Aly escaped everything though!  At the tail end of the month, we enjoyed carving pumpkins with the Fields, painting pumpkins at school, and celebrating Fynn's second birthday!  We had some family come visit over the weekend, and loved getting to see everyone, celebrate Fynn, and enjoy some Halloween festivities together.  


-Apparently one day Aly found some pony stickers and stuck them in her backpack without me realizing.  When I picked her up from school the next day, her teacher told me that Aly brought the stickers to school to pass out to everyone as they left that day.  When I asked her about it, she said, "I just thought all my friends would enjoy having these stickers!"  What a sweet and thoughtful girl!

-Aly's prayers have been so sweet these days.  I love getting a little glimpse into her heart, and boy does she have a big heart!  I can't remember most of them, but I do remember a couple.  She recently prayed, "Thank you Lord for answering our prayers (Mrs. Rivas being sick), and thank you that you hear us through prayer."  She constantly prays that she can be more obedient, and loves to pray for her friends at school.  One day she prayed for Fynn to keep his peanut butter and jelly sandwich together at lunchtime haha.  

-One evening, I was calling for Ron and happened to call him "Ronald."  Apparently Aly had never heard that before and just kept calling him Ronald for the remainder of the evening!

-Aly and Papi have a special thing they do most nights, where they share dreams.  Papi gives her his dreams, and Aly will share hers back, which are usually about Christmas and Adriana. 

-One day Aly said, "Is today Weekendsday?!"


-Fynn is officially 2!! Wow, where does the time go?! We had the perfect low key birthday celebration for him, which included all of his favorite things--donuts, his own scooter, and pizza!

-Fynn slept a few nights all night in his big boy bed, so maybe we're making progress at night?  Naps are still great, and we'll get there eventually at night!

-Fynn can count to 10 now! He knows all of his colors, lots of shapes, and is working really hard to learn letters too. 

-Some of Fynn's favorite things to say right now:
"Excuse me, sorry."
"Oh no! What happened?"
"Thank you, welcome."
"Oww, hurt me!"
"Shabah"  ....the great mystery word that is said often and in various context, who knows what it means!

-Fynn's favorite song is Jesus Loves Me.  He likes to sing it whenever anyone leaves, it's like his little goodbye song for everyone!

-We had Fynn's two year check up.  He gained 5 lbs over the summer!! He's now 27 lbs and 32.25 inches.  Love this little growing boy!

-Finally, these two years with this sweet boy have been absolutely amazing. Fynn is an amazing boy and we've seen him grow so much, especially over the last few months.  Can't wait to see what this next year holds for him!

Dancing with Papi, oh how she adores him!
Fynn is sad because the pie isn't done baking
Lining up all the cars and counting them!
Love this silly silly girl
Moo moo moo. Cow cow cow. Sing sing sing
Always with the pocket
Always stop to smell the flowers
Favorite song these days: Jesus Loves Me