Fynnlan Seeley- 37 Weeks

37 weeks old

Fynn is 37 weeks old today.  This weekend we went to Brooklyn Bridge Park with some friends!  While we were there we got to see our good friends Ray and Liz, and Liz brought along her camera and snagged some pictures of the kids! I've posted a couple, and will post the rest soon! =]

This week has been pretty uneventful otherwise. We had a couple play dates, and Fynn joined us for the first time in Tot School! He enjoyed it!  

We also took a trip to the pool yesterday.  It was Fynn's first time, and he enjoyed it!  He loved to splash around, and he didn't mind too much when other kids splashed around him.  It was a little stressful considering they won't let you bring a stroller even into the locker rooms, or use a floatie. So Fynn was permanently on my hip the entire time haha. 

Fynn's sleep is better...I think? Still not great haha.  Well, naps are definitely better.  Still aiming for 8am wake up!

I love watching Fynn grow and develop.  He has turned into quite the reader, he loves to sit in my lap and he can even turn the pages now! It's funny, I was reading Aly's old blog posts at this age, and they have the exact same favorite books haha! I can also tell that Fynn is starting to understand what we are saying. Most of the time it's the word "no" haha.  However, one day, Ron was tickling Fynn and he was loving it.  At some point, I started saying, "do it again," and he would!! 

A couple random stories...

Whenever Aly has to go to time out, Fynn immediately stops what he's doing and crawls over to her in the hallway to check on her and try to get her to play with him!

One afternoon, Papi was napping, and I let the kids wake him up.  Fynn was so happy attacking Papi with bites and kisses!


Playing peekaboo with Aly
Cruising across the floor with the chair
He LOVES being tickled by Papi!