Tot School- Summer 2016 (2 Year, 7-9 Months Old)

I was on the fence if I was going to make any formal Tot School plans for the summer, but I remember last summer was when I ended up teaching Aly all of the letters and we had so much fun with the few activities we did do!  So I decided to go ahead and make plans, but I'm not putting together any particular schedule of when to do them, just a list of activities to pull from when we are home bound or bored!  We will resume our more structured Tot School in September! (I've got some awesome ideas coming for our Preschool year!)
And as always, I have given a brief description of each activity and also a link to where you can find the full original post.


I decided to take the summer to reinforce the following things with Aly and make sure she has a good grasp of these before the Fall!

Letters: Upper/Lowercase matching

Numbers: Counting (reinforce numeral and quantity, and counting to 20)

Shapes: Recognizing in real life, and practice counting sides

Colors: Introduce shades: light & dark, and color mixing


Beach, summer, ice cream

Verse: “The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it.” -Psalm 24:1

Library Book List:
Hide and Seek, Harry at the Beach
Where is Baby’s Beach Ball
In the Ocean
Deep Sea Dive
Baby Love’s Summer
Going to the Beach With Lily and Milo
Grandma’s Beach
Noodle Loves the Beach
Spot Goes to the Beach
Beach Day
El Oceano
I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean
Over in the Ocean
Quien Vive en el Mar?
Splish Splash
Mouse’s First Summer
Hello Kitty, Hello Summer


-Baby Shark
-Five Little Fishies
    Five little fishes swimming in the sea
    teasing Mr. Shark
    you can’t catch me you can’t catch me!
    Well along came Mr. Shark as quiet as can be
    SNAPPED that fish right out of the sea.

-Shape song 

-Counting song 



  • Playdoh geometry 
    • Create shapes and practice counting sides with the printouts, sticks, and playdoh!
  • Fish in the Sea Counting Game
    • Create an ocean by coloring and decorating an egg carton. Number each hole and practice counting out the appropriate number of goldfish for each hole.
  • Counting Memory Game
    • Use the printouts to practice matching and grouping of the dots, numbers, and fingers flashcards.
  • Flower Blossoms  
    • Draw each number and the corresponding number of stems on separate sheets of paper.  Have the child count the number of stems as they glue on pom pom flower blossoms.
  • Ocean Count and Clip Cards
    • Use the printout and count the ocean animals and clip clothespins on the corresponding number.
  • Muffin Tin Counting 
    • Write numbers in the bottom of cupcake liners and place them in a muffin tin. Count out cheerios (or other objects) and place in each tin. 
  • Ice Cream Count and Match 
    • Count the sprinkles on each cone and glue the appropriate number onto the cone.
  • Shape puzzles
    • cut out the shape puzzles and have child reassemble and practice counting sides too!
  • Shape/Real Shape Matching
    • Use the printout to play a matching game with shapes and real life shapes.
  • Crayon Number Sort
  • Use the crayon printouts to sort the various forms of numbers into the matching crayon box.
  • Shape clip cards 
    • Using the printouts, clip clothespins on the matching shapes!



  • Crab hand prints
    • Use red paint to create crab handprints.  Can attach googly eyes and draw a face on too!
  • Sea Shell Painting
    • Use seashells to dip in paint and use as stamps.  You can also paint the seashells with paint and glitter!
  • Light and dark color painting
    • Add white and black to experiment making colors lighter or darker.  Talk through the process with child and have them predict what's going to happen! "Will adding white make the blue lighter or darker?"
  • Tissue paper fish 
    • Cut up tissue paper and glue on the fish print out, and hang in the window!


  • Beach felt scene
    • Create a beach scene out of felt and have child explore different beach vocabulary!
  • Sand exploration on beach trip
    • Take a trip to the beach and play in the sand and water!
  • Real Life Shape Scavenger Hunt
    • Go on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood or apartment and find different shapes in real life! Try to find at least one of each!
  • Baking soda/vinegar color mixing
    • Add baking soda to different jars.  Next add a little red and yellow food coloring to each jar, and a little baking soda on top to hide coloring.  Then mix blue food coloring and vinegar in a separate container.  Explain to your child that you are going to try and discover which jar has red, and which one has yellow.  Once they pour the blue in each container, talk about what colors mixed to make the green and purple!
  • Mess free color mixing
    • Put a piece of paper inside ziploc bags and add two primary colors of paint to each.  Have your child predict what color will be made when they mix them together!  This is also a great activity for little brother to join in on ;)
  • Ice color mixing
    • Add food coloring to ice cubes, and give the child several bowls to practice mixing colored ice cubes together. Another great activity for little brother to explore too =]
  • Color shade matching
    • Use paint sample strips from the hardware store (2 of each) and cut pieces of one and glue to clothespins.  Have child match up the shades on the clothespins with the corresponding shades on the paint sample sheets.  Guide them through the process, using words like, "lighter" and "darker."
  • Color shade scavenger hunt
    • Take paint sample strips outside and see if you can find objects that match the various shades on the sheet!  You can use a magnifying glass to explore and a bag to collect things in!


  • Letter Matching Pole
    • Write lower case letters on plain stickers, and then write upper case letters on a paper towel roll.  Have child place the matching lower case letter sticker on the corresponding upper case letter on the pole.
  • Alphabet Butterfly Puzzle 
    • Print out the upper/lower case butterfly puzzles and have the child match up the upper/lower case butterfly puzzle pieces.
  • Alphabet Clip Cards  
    • Use the printout to practice upper and lowercase letter matching.  Have the child use a clothespin to clip onto the correct lowercase letter on each card.
  • Upper/lowercase matching blocks  
    • Add upper and lowercase stickers to block pieces and have the child connect the matching ones.  (we will probably just substitute this with this toy we already own!)


  • Tracing Worksheet
    • Have child practice tracing lines on these worksheets
  • Tracing activities from this packet
  • Letter tracing 
    • Practice tracing letters with these printouts


  • Shape Candyland
    • Play a giant game of Candyland and practice shapes and counting along the way! 
  • Tape Shape Matching 
    • Cut out paper shapes, and tape shape outlines to the ground.  Have the child match up the paper shapes on the ground!
  • Ice Cream Cone Game
    • Use toilet paper rolls or cut up paper towel rolls and write lower case letter on them.  Write upper case letters on ball pit balls.  Have your child match up the appropriate "cone" and "scoop" and practice balancing the cones to deliver ice cream to all!
  • Preposition Game 
    • Use a chair to practice prepositions in this fun twist on Simon Says!

And some random ones!