Alynne Tiffany- 2 Years, 3 Months

Little Miss Alynne is 2 years and 3 months today! She is such a joy to be around, and I am constantly amazed at how much she has learned and she's turning into such a beautiful young lady! Here's some snippets from our month:

-Aly learned how to play hide and seek this month and she is obsessed.  She calls it "hime and seek" and constantly asks us to count while she hides.  She is progressively getting better at it too.  She went from covering her eyes sitting next to you, to hiding under pillows and behind objects! She also likes to count and then find her hiding baby!

-We had a huge blizzard this month and we got to go play in the snow with friends one weekend.  Aly had a blast sledding and building a snowman with Papi!

-Alynne loves to speak gibberish with me.  We have made up conversations and she thinks it's hysterical.

-One night after Alynne had gone to bed, she started crying.  Ron went to check on her, and all I heard was "oh no honey, what happened?!"  I came racing down the hall to see Aly absolutely covered in blood.  It only took a couple seconds to realize she was having a bloody nose, but boy was that a scary sight! Poor Aly was upset by it all too, she didn't know what was going on and why "bug" was coming out her nose! Poor thing.  (ps. have you ever tried to get a two year old to sit still with a wash cloth on their nose?)

-This month, we've seen more of Aly's personality come out.  We're discovering that she is a very shy little girl (like her momma!), unless she's around people she's really comfortable with (again, just like me haha).  Whenever we go to things like the library's story time, Aly prefers to listen and observe.  She is also an incredibly well-behaved child and is eager to please us.  

-Speaking of the library.  Aly absolutely loves our librarian and our weekly trips to story time.  She talks about Miss Maggie just about every day!

-Alynne has some new favorite songs that we listen to about 3458093 times a day.  They are Fall in Love With You (by KB), Holy, Holy, Holy, and O Come O Come Emmanuel. 

-Aly has given Fynn her own nickname-Fynny

-She has started to express her "need" for things.  "Mami, I need a cracker."  "Papi, I need to stand on the couch."

-She has gotten really good at saying "please" and "thank you" without being prompted

-One day while coloring in tot school, she said, "my left hand is helping me."

-We think Aly may have her first crush haha.  For a few weeks, Aly kept singing songs about "Samuel."  We don't know anyone by that name, so I couldn't figure it out.  Then one day at lunch she was talking about Samuel, and I realized he might be in her BSF class.  I asked her if she liked this Samuel kid, to which she burst into a fit of giggles saying "yeahhhhh!"

-Aly calls caterpillars "catapillows"

-Aly loves to brush my hair.  It's my favorite.

-Alynne LOVES ballet.  She practices daily, and she has even taught Ron some things.  One evening she was telling and showing Ron how to do first position and how to curtsy! Lol

-She calls Santa Clause "Santa Closet"

-One day Aly started crying for me during her nap.  In a panic, I raced to her bedroom to see what was the matter, and she just handed me a booger she had picked. -__-

-Aly has started to become genuinely scared of things.  Like the blue light on our printer at night.

-I sing a song to Aly in Spanish about a butterfly (mariposa) and she calls it a Mamiposa. and sometimes she calls herself an Alyposa =]

-One day I was blowing my nose and Aly kept saying, "wow! Great job Mami!!" 

-Today we visited Lito and Lita in their house in Long Island before they move to Florida next week! We're happy she got to play in the house Papi grew up in, and looking forward to trips to Orlando! 

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