Alynne Tiffany- 19 Months

Today Alynne is 19 months old! Here is a quick update of what happened with her this month!

I've said it before, but she is such a little sponge these days.  I can barely keep track of all that she is learning.  I'm sure I forgot some, but here are the new words that she learned this month: zip, teeth, sit (which she says in the most adorable lisp), again, button, fishies, blue, yummy, banana, the letters "c" and "b", sun, green, yellow, bow, monkey, and high five.  Her favorite word right now is definitely "sit" (though closely followed by "fishies!").  She also said her first sentences, or combined words this month.  She says "Mami, sit." and "Bye Papi!"

I have been trying to teach as much as I can to Alynne since she is so quick to catch onto things.  She knows about 25 body parts, she can point out most of her colors and say a few, and she can recognize the first 5 letters of the alphabet.  With the letters, I thought she might just be memorizing the pattern on our magnet letters, but one day we were on the subway and she was "reading" the brand name on her stroller and pointed out several of the letters she knew!  I am one proud mama =]

Earlier this month we took a trip to the Poconos with our good friends the Schmidts and the Fields for our 4th Annual Schmarevield Memorial Day Trip.  We had such a good time.  Aly of course loved playing with her friends and quickly became obsessed with taking care of Baby Galilee.  She constantly wanted to hold her, hug and kiss her, and give her her paci.  I think Aly will be very ready to have a little baby brother around come October! 

When we got back from our trip, we started the process of weaning Alynne from her pacifier.  Since she was born we limited her pacifier time to her crib or sometimes while traveling, so at least it wasn't a part of her entire day.  But boy is she a stubborn one!! She refused to nap for I think 3 days straight! After a week of going cold turkey, she adjusted and started sleeping again, with just a few days here or there having problems going to sleep.  I'm thankful we stuck with it and don't have to deal with this down the road!

Alynne has become an incredibly picky eater.  I know it tends to come with this toddler age, but we sure weren't ready for it.  She used to be such a great eater, and now things that she loved, she refuses to touch!  It can be frustrating at times, but we are persevering and praying she will grow out of it! 

Aly loves to play pretend with her dolls and animals.  I constantly find her reading to them, feeding them in the high chair, and even rolling a ball with her Baby! 

When we put Alynne to bed, we always give her "sandwich" kisses, where we both kiss her cheeks at the same time.  As of lately, she has started grabbing both of our faces and making us kiss each other haha!  

One of my favorite things to do with Aly right now is to go get the mail every day.  I love seeing such a little person do "big people" things.  We get our shoes on and then we go and press the elevator button, and Aly just stands there patiently waiting for the door to open, and when it does she steps right in, and then stands there nicely waiting for us to get to the lobby. She always greets anyone we meet along the way with a hi and a wave. Then she trots off to our mailbox and waits for me to hand her our mail, then she carries it all the way back up.  

I love that I can have mini conversations with her now.  Here are a couple that happened:

One Sunday we were getting ready to go to church, and I asked Aly if she wanted to go to church.  She quickly said yes.  So I told her that we needed to leave the (toy) fish here, can you leave the fish? She looked at her fish for a few seconds thinking about it, and then very seriously told me "no." 
Alynne loves to color and asks to color at least 4 or 5 times a day.  One day, it was almost bed time and she asked to color.  I told her it was too late and we already had several times.  She proceeded to scoot the box of crafts over to me and then burst into tears along the way.  
-Aly, what's wrong? Did you run over your toe?
-Are you crying because you want to color?

Alynne loves learning and has really started to enjoy our Tot School routine every morning.  Some mornings I have to go into the office without her, and Ron watches her.  She has now started asking Ron to do Tot School with her too!  And of course, since he is such an awesome dad, he does it!  Melt my heart.

At the end of this month, we have had several visitors.  Uncle Jason and Lexxie came for the weekend, and Aly got to play her favorite game of chase lots.  We took a trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park with them and enjoyed playing in the water park there.  

Right after that, Gigi and Pops came to visit for a few days.  This was also a fun-filled few days.  Aly can now say Gigi and Pops (Bop), and loved to boss Bop around the whole time haha.  We took a trip to the Statue of Liberty with them! 

And after that, Tio Kevin and Tia Beverly flew in!  We met them out on Long Island to spend this weekend with Lito and Lita and the rest of the family.  It's been about a year since Alynne has seen Kevin and Beverly, so it's been so wonderful getting to spend time with them.  Today we celebrated Lito's 60th birthday with lots of friends and family!  

What a blessing to have such wonderful family that love on our little girl!  Alynne sure does love them all, oh and she can successfully identify them all! =]

And here's some pics!

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