Alynne Tiffany- Week 37

37 Weeks Old

Little Miss Alynne Tiffany is 37 weeks old today! Here are some random bits of what's been happening with us this week:

This week we wrapped up our vacation in the Bahamas, and Aly was so great!  It really was the perfect trip.  

Sunday when I went to get Aly from the church nursery, I found her standing holding onto to the bouncer that her little buddy J.D. was in, and she was just standing there bouncing him!! It was the cutest thing, and I don't know why on earth I didn't snap a picture! 

We started our second month of tot school this week! We are focusing on the color yellow, the letter M, and our verse is "Let your light shine before men." I'm excited to soak up the last bit of summer with her this month!

Alynne will now start clapping if I say "yay"

She can stand up against doors and other vertical surfaces now

Aly is already having issues with sharing.  Last night, we babysat H and Aly would lunge at H trying to get her toys.  Also, if I sat H in my lap, Aly would drop what she was doing and climb in my lap too.  She did not want to share her toys or her mama yesterday!! We will have to work on the sharing thing a little sooner than I thought! 

Alynne loves to crinkle her nose up when smiling now.

She is very in to reading right now, which I love.  We read lots and lots of books everyday.  Some of her favorites currently are: Where is Baby's Belly Button, Where is Spot, Dear Zoo, Pat the Zoo, and Peekaboo Kisses.  Basically anything that is lift-the-flap because she loves to actively participate in reading time!!

Finally, it looks like Alynne's first tooth is coming in!!! Her bottom right tooth just barely started to show today! =D

Here are some of this week's pics!