Alynne Tiffany- Week 36

36 weeks old

I wrote this post on Wednesday but didn't have internet to post--so here it is!

Miss Alynne is 36 weeks old today!  We are currently in the Bahamas on our very first family vacation!  Aly has done absolutely amazing this trip!  It started with her sitting in her car seat calmly on the ride to the airport.  Since Alynne rarely sleeps in my arms, I was just praying she'd fall asleep for 20 minutes on the plane.  Our sweet girl slept almost 2 hours of the 3 hour flight!! It was such an easy flight, a true blessing from God.  
Since we've been here, we've mostly just been relaxing and doing nothing haha.  We let Aly get her long morning nap in and then we usually will walk over to Atlantis and roam around for a bit, and at some point during the day we make our way to the pool or the beach.  Aly still isn't a fan of waves, but fortunately there are few here.  She absolutely loves being in the water and splashing around. There was a huge stingray swimming around us when we were in the ocean today! 
Alynne is still just as friendly as ever.  She makes friends wherever we go on the island.  As soon as we walk into a restaurant, she starts waving and smiling at everyone around.  She can get quite the crowd!
Aly learned to clap this week.  She loves to imitate us clapping and loves to play Pat-a-cake. 
My new favorite thing she says these days is "nay" 
Still no teeth! Every morning I check to see if they've poked through yet, but they're just taking their sweet time!

Here are some of this week's favorite pics!