Alynne Tiffany- Week 33

33 weeks old

Little Miss Aynne Tiffany is 33 weeks today!

This weekend was Alynne’s first 4th of July.  We spent the weekend in Long Island with her Lito and Lita and Tias.  We had a great time, and it’s fun that Aly is at a more fun age and able to play now! Her grandparents were crawling all over the floor with her!! They can’t get enough of her =]

Alynne is a crawling machine these days.  She’s so quick too.  Now whenever I leave the living room, she’s right on my trail.  She has also started becoming more attached to me.  Whenever she’s tired or cranky, she really just wants her mama.  Apart from that, she is a very sociable baby.  Aly also is standing a lot more.  We find her standing in her crib almost every naptime now. We’re still trying to work on how to get down haha.

This week I have started “tot school” with Alynne.  So I’m going to just take a quick second and explain what exactly we’re doing. 
Tot school is something that I have wanted to do since I saw my dear friend do it with her daughter and friend.  I’ve seen the benefits of intentional teaching even with infants, and I wanted to be able to do this with Aly.  My original plan was to start when Alynne was 1, but this summer, I have seen how much of sponge Aly is and thought she was in need of some more intentional playtime in our days! 

So here’s the logistics of what I do in case you are curious.  I will try and write about what we specifically did at the close of the month!
I based my framework of Tot School around how my friend did it (She is amazing and you can check out her blog here for amazing ideas), and then filled it in with my own ideas and, of course, Pinterest ideas.
So each month I choose a letter, color, and Bible verse.  Monday-Thursday we review these, along with the day of the week and month.  I posted all of these things on around our apartment to help remind us.  Then each day we focus on a different “subject”- music, math, art, and science/sensory.  Obviously since she is 7.5 months old, this looks very simple.  We bang on pans, count objects, finger paint, etc. 
I’m really excited about starting this venture with Alynne.  It is helping me to make sure I am being intentional with my time with her, exposing her to new things, and also getting her in a good practice of learning!  I took one afternoon to plan out the month of July, so the planning was pretty easy, and right now it takes like 30 minutes of our day. 
Plus, Alynne’s baby bestie and her mommy are joining us in Tot School, so that makes it even more fun!! =D

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!