Alynne Tiffany- Week 32

32 weeks old

Aynne Tiffany is 32 weeks today!

This week we went to visit Tio Kevin and Tia Beverly in Orlando.  It was the first time for them to meet Aly, and they loved her =]  It was a good weekend, and I am so thankful that Alynne got to meet them, she has family all over the country who love her to pieces!  She did really great on the trip, I was proud of her.  She was cooped up in car seats and laps a lot, napped little, and in the heat, so I’d say she was quite the trooper!  It is definitely harder travelling with a baby.  Flying has gotten harder since the last time we flew because now she doesn’t want to sit still on our laps anymore.  Also, it’s very hard for her to nap in our arms, so it made for some long flights.  It will be interesting flying to OK by myself with her next month!  Alynne also is rarely ever in a car seat, so she was definitely not a fan of being strapped in tightly for long periods of time.  I am thankful for our public transportation =]

We took a day trip to St. Augustine to spend the day at the beach and visit my friend Stefanie.  St. Augustine is so beautiful!  We loved it.  It was Alynne’s very first time at the beach.  She absolutely hated the waves!! So far she has really loved being in pools and water, but I guess the waves were just too scary for her.  I would take her out into the water and when a wave would come toward us, Aly would whip her body around cling to me so hard and tight and just start shaking and crying.  She was so terrified.  These few moments stuck in my mind all weekend for a few reasons.  First, I loved the fact that at 7 months old, Alynne knows that she can trust me with her life.  She turned to me when she was scared and trusted that I could save her from the big scary wave.  Second, it reminded me of our relationship with God.  As we walk through life, He is always with us- He may lead us into scary waters, but He is always right by our side, and we can trust Him to carry us through it.

Some random things that have happened this week:

-Alynne says “mama” very clearly and often
-She learned how to take apart her play mat
-She is now on a four hour schedule!!! Remember last week when I was like I have no clue how to transition her?  Well Friday she just did it.  So I guess the answer was, she’ll do it when she’s good and ready haha.
-Today Alynne learned how to pull up on her own.  After a few times of doing this, she fell and hit her head pretty hard =[  She was fine, but it made me so sad!
-We’re trying to be intentional about feeding Aly two meals a day now

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!