Alynne Tiffany- Week 30

30 weeks old!

Aynne Tiffany is 30 weeks today! She will be 7 months on Friday, which is so hard to believe!!

We got to celebrate Ron’s very first Father’s Day this weekend!  Alynne is one lucky girl because her daddy sure does love her a lot! I know Ron has been cherishing his Tuesdays alone with her because he will be starting his new job in July! With that means some changes for our family.  We just finished working out all of the details, but it looks like I will be able to work from home completely now and be home with Alynne every day! I’m very excited about this!

We seem to be outgrowing our space these days (or perhaps I’m just getting a little restless and not being content).  With Alynne being mobile, she’s very limited on where she can go without getting into stuff.  Also, we are ready for her to have her own room.  I would be ready to get rid of the tiptoeing into bed every night and being awakened by her stirring in the middle of the night! So we are passively looking for a new place.  We’ve agreed that next summer is our absolute max in our apartment, but if God would have it, maybe we’ll be out sooner! Either way I’m just praying for a content heart.

We had to lower Aly’s crib today.  She has now learned how to get from laying down to sitting up on her own, so we figured it was time to lower it!  Alynne has also learned how to army crawl and take steps while holding on to us!  I feel like these developments come in waves! I can just see my baby girl growing before my eyes and I am trying to cherish every single moment!

I had a bit of a freak out moment with Alynne last night.  I went to give her a bath, and when I turned on the bath water, instead the shower blasted Aly.  Poor girl was absolutely terrified!! I’ve never seen her look so scared.  I quickly scooped her up (soaking wet and covered in avocado haha) until she calmed down, but even then she did not want to get back in the tub.  I felt so awful! It was probably worse on me than her lol.

We introduced Aly to a couple fruits this week- apples and bananas.  She liked them both!  We can also add baby corn to the list of foods she does not like!!

I love NYC in the summertime.  Our days are filled with trips to the park.  I’m glad Aly enjoys being outside as much as I do!  We love camping out on our blanket in the park and making new friends! And of course she always loves to go on the swings!

I’ve said it before, but we are truly enjoying this stage of her life! Being a parent has been such a wonderful gift!