Alynne Tiffany- Week 52

52 weeks old

It is crazy that Miss Alynne will be a year old tomorrow (and also crazy that I consistently blogged every week for an entire year haha!), so here is the final weekly post- a letter to my baby girl.

My Sweet Alynne,

Tomorrow you will be one year old, and as I am sitting her typing this letter to you, I am tearing up.  How has a year already passed?  A year ago you were being a stubborn little thing that left Mami in labor for 60 hours; something I'm sure you'll never hear the end of growing up ;) Your Papi and I have also been reminiscing a lot these last few days on memories from the year.  

The newborn days seem like such a fog in my brain now, but if I think really hard, I can remember those sleepless nights.  I remember being covered in poop at 3am, doing the paci dance to get you to sleep, watching the clock to see if you'd make it past the dreaded 45 minute mark, and watching you sleep so peaceful in your swaddle.  

I remember your first smile and how I thought that was the best thing ever.  And then came your first laugh, and no, that was the best ever.  And with each new month, we thought, this is the best.  

I remember the times that you have been sick, and though I hated to see you in pain, I cherish those snuggle times. 

Some of my favorite memories with you this year are taking trips to the park, our Bronx Zoo trip, all of our travels, and just reading stories with you every day.

And now you have turned into your own little person.  You have the most beautiful personality.  You are sweet, constantly showering Papi (and sometimes Mami) with kisses. We have always been told that you are so chill, and most of the time you are.  We have been blessed with an "easy" baby this go around =]  You have learned to clearly express yourself despite being unable to speak.  For example, you (very delicately) drop your food off your highchair when you are done eating haha.  You love to make us laugh, and do so quite often.  You are very quick to pick things up; whenever I show you how to do something, you can then do it.  You love when I sing to you, and you often "request" (you start doing the motions on your own) for me to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider.  

In a year's time you flew to Oklahoma 3 times, Michigan, Orlando, and the Bahamas.  You have been to 8 states- New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C., Michigan, Florida, and Oklahoma. You're quite the traveler! 

You still only have 2 teeth, but you use them well.  You eat just about everything that we eat, and you love to sneak bites from Papi's plate!

You haven't said your first word yet, but you understand so much.  

You are not walking yet, though you have been cruising since 8 months!  I'm sure it will happen soon =]

I have watched you change before my eyes in just a year's time.  I am forever grateful that God has made way for me to be home with you.  It has been such a joy to spend my days with you. I pray that God gives us many many more years with you. You make Mami and Papi so happy, and we love you forever.  I can't wait to see what our second year with you will hold!  I'm sure that it too will be "the best ever."