Alynne Tiffany- Week 7

Little Miss Alynne Tiffany is 7 weeks today! Woohoo! I remember when she was first born and I was googling a million and one things wondering if things would ever get easier, and guess what! They are =]

7 weeks old

7 weeks old

We spent half of this week in Oklahoma, and half back home. Aly was, yet again, an angel traveling.  She never cried once! It was a great trip, but we were definitely glad to be back home, in our own bed, and back to our normal routine of life!

So today was my first day back at work.  I felt like my time off was way too short, but then again, I don’t think any amount of time would make me feel “ready” to leave my baby.  So needless to say, I was making myself sick with worry last night- worrying about being away from her, how we’ll work out a schedule of who will watch her, pumping at work, etc.  As I sat in tears in the bathroom last night (emotional much?), Ron reassured me that God has always and will continue to provide for us and care for us.  And of course, silly me who hates not being in control of everything, I continued to doubt God.  Why do we constantly do this?  The Lord has shown me time and time again that He is faithful, and yet somehow I continue to doubt and forget the blessings and provisions He has given me. 

It reminds me of how God lead the Isrealites out of Egypt.  These people saw God part the Red Sea, saw the Lord provide food from Heaven, and yet they still forgot these things and turned to worship other gods.

“The Israelites did evil in the eyes of the LORD; they forgot the LORD their God and served the Baals and the Asherahs.” –Judges 3:7

May we always remember our Lord!

So by the time I came home for lunch today, literally everything I had been worrying about had been solved.  I was greeted with flowers and friendly faces at work, we’ve pretty much figured out our schedule for who’s watching Aly when, pumping went well, not to mention that I was just overwhelmed with the texts, messages, and phone calls of people praying for me and checking on me on my first day back!  And of course it helps that I have a wonderful husband at home taking care of her this month.  I truly am just in awe of God and His love for me.



I could get up and dance right now, I’m so thrilled with Aly.  Every night this week (except one), she has only gotten up twice to eat instead of three times! Not to mention that Ron started giving her a bottle one of those feedings. So this momma went from getting up 3 times a night to just once!! Halleluiah! (Now let’s just hope it stays this way!)

She continues to sleep well at night, only waking to eat.  Her naps have been all over the place though, she’s been catnapping a lot as opposed to long stretches.

She has been so much fun this week.  She loves to smile away and will sometimes even coo.  I can’t imagine how excited we’ll be when she starts to giggle, or even say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’!

9 lbs 11 oz
21.75 in

While we were in OK, Aly got her first shots.  She did great with them; I however, did not!  I think I was crying as much as she was! (If you haven’t realized by now, I’m rather emotional.) That night, when I went to get Aly up to eat, she just started wailing at the top of her lungs.  We tried everything to calm her down, but she wouldn’t even eat! There were even little tears coming from her eyes! It was heart breaking to not be able to console our little girl.  It was a first for us.  She eventually wore herself out crying and fell asleep.  After talking to our doctor, we were prepared to give her Tylenol or gripe water the next time she woke up, but surprisingly she was fine the rest of the night!

First ride on the subway!

First day alone with Daddy!


Here’s her current eating scheduled:
8:00am morning feeding

10:30am (sometimes 11) feeding

1:00pm feeding

3:30pm feeding

5:30pm feeding

7:30pm bedtime feeding

10:30pm dreamfeed

3:00am feeding

5:30am feeding

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!