Week 24 update

24 weeks! On one hand it feels like time is flying by, (there's still so much to do!) and then on the other hand it's been so long, I'm having a hard time remembering what it was like to not be pregnant haha! 

For the most part, I feel great these days with a few exceptions...
The heat is brutal, especially standing on the hot subway platforms underground waiting for trains-yuck!!
My back has been hurting just about every day now, so that is no bueno.
And I am still trying to train myself to stop sleeping on my back at night, which has proven to be some restless nights of sleep! I can't wait to be able to sleep on my back and stomach again!!  
BUT, I do cherish this time, and praise God for my pregnancy everyday =]

Alynne's nook is starting to come together! (pics to come soon!) Papi and Uncle Levi got both shelves up as of last night!! We can now see our bedroom floor, which has been overrun for the last two and a half months! This ocd momma is happy!
I have been busy crafting away for her nook! It's been great to see everything come together.  Surprisingly, I think we are going to have plenty of space for everything when she gets here! (and of course you must know that I use the word "plenty" in a loose NYC way) 

Alynne is kicking harder and more often every day.  Ron gets to feel her on an almost daily basis now.  Our favorite thing to do right now is lay in bed in the mornings just feeling her kick away! 

Finally, yesterday I had my 24 week checkup.  The doctor checked her heartbeat and measured my tummy-all is well with Miss Aly! Next week, I take the dreaded glucose test, which I'm not looking forward to. 

We can't wait for Alynne to arrive and are counting down the days until she is in our arms! We love our princess so much!