Baby A Update

Tomorrow marks 18 weeks!  I feel like time is flying by.  Before we know it, we'll be married a year, and then shortly after, Baby will be here!   

So this week I started feeling Baby kick!  This only proves that Baby is already a good listener because I have been telling it for a week to let me feel!! hehe. 
I felt the first kick on Monday, but it just felt like one tiny pulse and I wasn't sure if it was Baby or not. (Ron said it was gas -__-) But it kept happening every day, until finally, I could feel it consistently, confirming my thoughts that it really was Baby!  

The coolest thing happened yesterday.  I was laying on the couch and Baby started to kick A LOT. Ron came over, he couldn't feel it of course because it's still too light, but he could see it!  My stomach looked like it was twitching where Baby was kicking!  So even at 17 weeks, Ron got to witness this little miracle!  What a blessing. We are already in awe of this baby and love it more and more with each passing day!   

I feel like my stomach gets bigger on a daily basis.  (Thank goodness, my stomach's the only thing getting bigger!)   People who haven't seen me in a week are surprised to see my tummy now.  And today, someone gave me their seat on the subway! Something I have been waiting for since Day 1, because then that means i finally look  pregnant haha!

We feel so blessed and honored that God gave us this responsibility of parenthood and that he deemed us ready!  We pray everyday for this child and that we may be godly parents. 

Through this pregnancy, I've come to realize what a blessing from God it is to just even be pregnant, let alone a mother.  The little milestones that have already occurred are forever engrained in my heart.