1/4 a century old, and 1/4 through pregnancy!

It's finally my turn to write a post! 
Baby is 10 weeks along today, as I turn 25!  I never thought that I would be 25 and having a baby, heck, if you had told me two years ago that I would be married, expecting a child AND living in NYC, I would have thought that was absolutely crazy!  But never underestimate what God is capable of!  He has truly blessed me beyond what I ever could have even asked for!  

So here's some answers to the questions I constantly get:

"So when are you moving?" Well we're not! As crazy as it sounds, we plan to bring this child into our 400 square foot apartment--Hey we're New Yorkers, it's what you do!  People have done far crazier! (Raising babies in closets, 4 kids in 400ft, etc!) 
-"How do you feel?"  My answer is always followed by the word 'today.' Some days I feel really great, and other days not so much.  And even on the good days, I'm tired, achy and exhausted! (A run to catch the train can get me breathing like I just ran a 5k!)
-"Do you want a boy or girl?"  Ron would love to have a boy, and I am dyiiiiiing to have a girl.  Either way we will both be so thrilled! We are just super anxious to find out!
-"Are you having any crazy cravings?" Nothing too crazy--frozen yogurt and Cheetos! 
-"Are you excited to be a mommy?" Of course, it's something I have always dreamed of! However, I am currently going through a phase of freaking out--will I be a good mom, will I survive the actual process of having a child (which currently terrifies me!)
-"Will you teach your baby Spanish?" Definitely.  It's part of Ron's heritage, and an important thing for me too.  We do need to get in a habit of speaking Spanish in the house now though! We want to teach our kids about their roots and incorporate as much as we can from our two cultures (Hispanic Redneck?) 
-"Will you quit working once the baby comes?"  Nope.  I am very fortunate that I have a job that is flexible and I can work from home some once Baby is here, and Ron is in the same position.  So we should both be able to continue working and be able to take care of Baby, but if not, we have plenty of loving friends we would trust to watch precious Baby!
-"Will Baby be a Thunder or a Knicks fan?"  Well let's just say, that Baby only owns 3 onesies as of today--all of them Thunder.......Okay fine, in all fairness to Ron, I'm sure the baby will grow up loving both. (maybe one slightly more than the other? Thunder Up!)


Well that's it for today.  Feeling incredibly blessed by all my friends and family who are supporting us along this journey, and forever grateful for a wonderful husband who takes such great care of me, and I know without a doubt that he's going to be an awesome daddy!