Jackson Graham- Week 47

47 weeks old

Jackson is 47 weeks old! These past two weeks have been lots of fun with Little J! He is really starting to get around, scooting all over on his tummy! I can no longer plop him down somewhere and expect him to stay put! Jackson also rolled from back to belly for the first (and only lol) time last week!

This week Jackson began his special ed instruction at home. It’s been going really well. It’s crazy because sometimes the activities seem so simple, but I can tell Jackson is working really hard at it. By the last 5 minutes of every session, he is over it and clinging to me, ready to be done haha. But I’m proud of him. He’s already working so hard for things that come much easier for others!

We had to lower Jackson’s crib for the first time this week. One night he reached up and almost got up to his knees!

We often joke about Jackson being our little carnivore. He may not have any teeth, but it certainly does not stop him! He loves to eat meat, especially chicken!

It’s hard to believe that next month our baby will be 1!! Soaking up all the baby-ness these days!

Figuring out how to open and close!