Jackson Graham- Week 14

14 weeks old

Jackson is 14 weeks old today!

I officially started back at work (from home) yesterday. I am so thankful to have had this much time off with Jackson! It has been such a joy being able to give the kids my undivided attention the past 3 months!

Over Christmas break, Aly got to spend lots of extra time with Jackson. Every afternoon when Fynn was asleep, Aly loved to have one-on-one time with Jackson, always singing to him and making him smile! She also took so many pictures of him on his camera.

Jackson smiles all the time these days. A few seconds of direct eye contact and he can’t help but break into a grin! He’s started making sweet little cooing noises this week too, and you can just tell that he wants to laugh so bad! He is just the sweetest! He rarely fusses, and if he does it’s to tell you he’s tired.

Speaking of sleep— wow wow wow has Jackson’s sleep improved over the past week! Most nights he wakes once around 4:30 to eat and that’s it! And his naps are slowly improving too. You can always count on him to take a really good 2 hour nap in the morning, and his other naps are getting more consistent too! Hooray!

Sweet smiles!