Jackson Graham- Week 10

Jackson is 10 weeks old today! He spent this entire week in Martinique! Jackson has done so well on his very first vacation. I'm sure part of it is being a third-ish child, but he is an incredibly flexible baby. He rolled with each day so easily! I told him many times, he is the most patient baby I have ever met!


Not much new here, Jackson adjusted to the time change no problem and has continued his normal eating patterns--every 3 hours and one 4.5 hour stretch at night.


Like I was saying, Jackson was super flexible this week. He was content to nap outside, inside, swaddled, not swaddled, bassinet, pack n play, car seat, arms, etc. The ocean made the perfect sound machine all week; it would instantly calm him every time!


Jackson is starting to respond to us more. He smiles often and has started giving Papi smiles this week! He is usually awake for 45 mins to an hour at a time these days!