Jackson Graham- Week 13

13 weeks old

Jackson is 13 weeks and exactly 3 months old today!

This week Jackson got to celebrate his first Christmas! He slept through the majority of it ;)

We also started sleep training over this past week. Things have gotten drastically better. He only wakes once at night, and it’s just to eat and then back down. Naps are still all over, but I know the travel was probably messing with that. Overall, everyone is much more rested this week!

A quick funny story…Today I went to get Jackson up from his nap, and when I unswaddled him, he didn’t have any pants on, just his diaper. I thought, hmm I guess Ron maybe took off his pants when he put him down for some reason. Then as I picked him up, I could see that his pants were wadded up at the bottom of his swaddle! He had wriggled completely out of his pants during that nap!

Not much else new here :) But we sure do love our smilely little man!