August 2017 Update

In some ways, this month has been a little more low key for us, as we've been home the entire month.  But we've also seemed to have a lot of sick kids and a few hard things to deal with this month, that have left us a little drained!  Overall, it's been a good month though.  We've spent time with family, and we've enjoyed exploring the city together.  We have gotten in a pretty good rhythm of carving out Sunday mornings to be a time free of chores or errands and spend that time as a family.  This month we explored the MOMA, the Intrepid, Robert Moses beach, the Bronx Zoo, the Children's Museum, and kayaked in the Hudson!  I love living in NYC, I feel like we never run out of things to do!

Alynne Tiffany

Oh Aly.  This month has been a tough one with you, phew.  We have had quite a bit of behavioral problems this month, but I think we are seeing some progress now.  I know between Fynn getting sick every other week, having issues with Roman, and school starting soon, it may have been a lot for you to handle.  We love you so much, and that is why we discipline you.  You are becoming such a lovely young lady, and we are so very proud of you.  You amaze us daily with your wit, humor, and compassion. 

This month you got to go to your very first Broadway show, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We went with our friends Spencer and Alicia.  It was such a special night.  You loved getting all dressed up and getting to stay up "past night time."  You thoroughly enjoyed the show, Veruca Salt was your favorite character (because she was a ballerina, I'm sure).  Because Alicia is friends with someone in the show, we got to go backstage afterwards and meet some of the cast and stand on the stage.  It also turns out that "Charlie" lives next door to us, which you thought was so cool! You loved going on the stage and meeting everyone, but I don't even think you realized just how special it was to get to do something like that!  I'm always amazed at how different our childhoods are, and I hope that you never take for granted what a special place you get to grow up in!  

One day you said to me, "We should buy a car.  We need lots of money to buy a car though, huh.  Mom, do we have $20?"

Right now you are obsessed with playing "flight attendant."  You love to get on a pretend airplane with Fynn and fly all over the world--Oklahoma, Alifornia, Australia, Argentina, London, and Paris.

This month you have made a new friend, Rachel.  They just moved here, but you are so ecstatic to have a little girl in your class at church, for the first time in almost 4 years!  You two have quickly become inseparable!  

You love to sing.  You constantly make up songs, usually worship songs :)

This month we taught you how to play checkers!  You enjoy it, but still get distracted easily (naturally).

You are continuing to learn how to read and now know lots of sight words and can sound out a lot of words too!  

Fynnlan Seeley

Hey Buggy....actually I don't know if I've ever even mentioned that we all call you "Buggy."  I think it started when you were a baby.  Papi would call you Buddy, and I would call you Love Bug, and eventually the two names morphed, and now we all refer to you as Buggy or Bug, even Aly! 
Anyhoo, this month has been a little tough for you.  You just got over hospital stay and stomach last month, to turn around and get croup!  You were down with that for a solid week, though still super happy despite sounding like Darth Vader haha.  We also had a follow up appointment in regards to your blood sugar issues.  You are so brave and tough through all of it, it constantly amazes Mami!  And thankfully, all tests have come back normal.

Since you have been sick so much this past month or so, we've (slowly) begun the process of weaning you from sucking your thumb.  We aren't super strict about it, mostly just telling you "All done, you're a big boy," and you are eager to obey.  You still love your thumb when in your crib or when you're upset, but I think we've made some progress.

Your speech has continued to explode this month.  Your vocabulary is endless, and you've started to string together words.  You can communicate little stories with us now.  One day you said to me "More turtles please. Papi, turtles, TV," meaning "Can I please watch turtles, because Papi let me watch it!" 

Another day, you and Aly were playing by yourselves while Papi and I were on the other side of the apartment.  You came running over to the gate quite upset saying "Mami! Aly, me, mout."  As in Aly was putting you in time out, and you did not like that!  

You say "umm..." and "don't know" all the time.

You love to watch the construction around our building, especially the "ma-mar," aka cement mixer.

You have an obsession with bears and pretend daily that we have an infestation of bears in our apartment! You get so into it that sometimes you forget the bears are pretend and scare yourself!

Yesterday you took a nasty tumble and cut your lip open pretty bad.  You are one of the toughest little guys I know though, so you recovered quickly, though Mami is still shaken up by it!

You can count to 3 now and you know all your colors, and a couple letters!  I'm excited to start Tot School with you, as Sister heads to school next week!

When I grow up, I want to be an engineer!
Firefighter Aly
Watching the "ma-mar" aka cement mixer
Pretend play with Aly. ☺️
Silly little monkey
Fynn's latest obsession--a bear in our apt
Getting the sillies out at library story time
Gotta get all the blueberries out!
Sprinklers + toddlers. �
Teeth brushing dance
Little grocery helper
"I Dont know!"
Flight attendant Aly!
Fynn telling me his first story: Papi turtle TV...Aka Papi and I watched ninja turtles while sick
Fynn now says "umm" before answering haha
Aly is excited to start tap!
Fynn the gator wrangler
Sand angels at Robert Moses beach
He follows her everywhere.
More bear invasions!
Chapstick obsessions
Making green muffins with Mama!
Fynn what's your name?
The sweetest duo!
Teaching Aly to play checkers �
Lil dare devil!
Sibling star gazing
Bronx Zoo trip!
Not even 2 and mastering the scooter!
Swings are better with your best friend.
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