Alynne Tiffany- 2 Years, 5 Months

2 years, 5 months

Alynne is now 2 years and 5 months old as of yesterday.  I think this is the first time I have been late in posting for her! Eeek! Let me just jump in to what's been going on this month!

This month has certainly been one of our most trying months parenting Aly haha.  I think I jinxed us because a couple weeks prior, I had just been talking about how fortunate we were that Aly is pretty naturally obedient and we don't really have to do any heavy disciplining.  Boy oh boy did that change!! Terrible Twos hit this month with vengeance. Every other word was "no" followed by kicking and screaming tantrums.  Nap times and bed times got particularly rough too.  One thing we did start doing different was having a sticker chart for her.  It's funny though, because I think she thinks the stickers are her reward!!
I am happy to say though after about a month of this behavior, it has gotten significantly better.  Naps and bedtimes are back to normal, and we are having less meltdowns.  Through all of this God has taught both Ron and I a lot about patience and grace, and I see how He is already shaping Aly's tender heart at such a young age.  She is learning what it means to obey her mother and father, and ultimately obey God. The other night we had a rough evening, and as I was putting her down for bed we were talking about it and how she disobeyed.  She said to me, "Mami, I no obey God!" We then took the time to pray and ask for forgiveness.  It was a really sweet moment, and I am amazed at what a child can understand at such a young age.

This month we also mastered potty training.  Alynne was seriously amazing with it.  Since the first day, I think we've only had maybe 1 or 2 small accidents, and even those were in the first week.  It's going so well that it's not even on my radar when we go out!  Praise God because I sure was dreading it haha. 

This month Grandpa came to visit us!  Aly had a blast playing with him and we can't wait to visit OK next month.

Earlier this month we had another instance where Aly's blood sugar dropped and caused her to be super lethargic.  It had been almost a year since it happened, so it honestly wasn't even on my radar when I woke her up that morning.  I thought she was just trying to be defiant as she was slumped over me while I was trying to get her to potty.  Thank goodness Ron was home and caught the signs.  He quickly checked her blood sugar, which was very low.  We quickly worked to get it up and took a cautionary visit to the doctor.  This has now opened up the rounds of testing again since things never really got resolved last year. So we have already done one round of blood work with the metabolic center and everything came back normal.  In two weeks, we will do one more set of tests and hopefully that comes back normal too.  Prayers appreciated! 

I say it every month, but each month I am more and more amazed at how well Alynne does with Fynn.  She is such an amazing big sister.  She loves to play with him and take care of him.  Usually in the evenings when I'm making dinner, she watches and plays with him in the playroom next to me.  She brings him toys, sings to him, tickles him, reads to him, and even cleans up his spit up.  One evening when all her tricks wouldn't console him, she came up to me and said, "Mami, I guess Fynn just needs a nap!"

I love that Aly has started calling us "my mama" and "my papi"

She sometimes says she's "rounding" aka twirling

When Aly apologizes, she always says "I'm so sorry!"

We've been enjoying all of the warm weather and have already spent lots of time outside and Aly loves riding her scooter! 

Alynne also had her first official trip to the dentist.  She did so great and was very cooperative.  I was super proud of her!

"What color? Orange! Very good."
O Happy Day! Easter 2016
Learning about the Trinity in tot school this morning!
Taxis are hilarious
Where's Fynny? Where's he be? Is he by the owl? no.... Hmm. Where could Fynny be?? There he is!! I found you!
Aly learning to ride a scooter!