Alynne Tiffany- 22 Months

22 months old

Today our sweet Alynne Tiffany is 22 months!  This month flew by, but here is a recap of what happened:

-We had a quick family photo shoot in Central Park for Fynnlan's maternity photos.  Our dear friend Liz was in town and took them for us!  Of course, Alynne ended up stealing the show, and somehow Fynn's shoot turned into an Aly shoot haha.

-This summer has been full of scrapes, blisters, cuts and bandaids.  Aly took a nasty fall at church early this month.  She fell on the air vent in the floor and just sliced the top part of her knee off!  It was so awful.  Poor Aly couldn't even put weight on her leg without it shaking that night!  She also took a fall last weekend on a gravel road when we were apple picking.  I guess if nothing else, these incidents have expanded her vocabulary ;) bandaid, cut, scratch, blister, gravel...

-We got Aly a potty this month because she started telling us when she had pooped.  I don't have any intentions of doing potty training anytime soon with a new baby on the way, but we also didn't want to miss a window of opportunity with her.  So we have practiced and familiarized her with the potty some this month.  She quite loves it haha.

-One day I went to get Aly up from her nap, and when I went into her room she just kept looking at her hand saying "brown" over and over again.  Sure enough, she had stuck her hand in her poopy diaper.  Oh parenthood!

-I love having conversations with Alynne.  After church one evening, I asked her who she liked to play with at church.  She went through her list of friends and then ended with an emphatic "Ron!!"  I asked her if she meant Papi, and she said "yeah, fun!" =]

-One morning I gave Alynne some raisin bread for the first time, and when she took a bite, she got extremely excited and screamed "cooookkiiiieeeeeees!"

-Alynne has really taken to singing this month.  She loves to serenade us with her own made up songs, as well as real songs.  She loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me" at night with me, and she also really loves singing the ABC's.  I love hearing her sing the ABC's because each time it is a different combination of letters!

-Here are some of my favorite words Alynne says right now:
      "Oh no! What happened?!"
      "Here you go!"  (she says this when I hand her things haha)
      "One second"
      "Gotty!"  (Got it!)
      "Nestlet" (Necklace)
      "Sasses" (sunglasses)

-Alynne is all about anything baby related these days.  She cares for her babies all day long.  This month however, she started caring for other things to.  One day at lunch, she wrapped up her sandwich crusts in her napkin and "swaddled" them and proceeded to shush it and rock it!  Love her silly-sweet personality!

-We planned a surprise birthday weekend for my mom this year.  We had a great time with Gigi, Bop, Uncle Jason and Lexxie!  Aly loves when anyone comes to visit and plays nonstop!

-We took a trip to Croton Falls to go apple picking with several friends.  It was so much fun!  Alynne loved picking the apples off of the tree, and she loved eating them even more!  She also enjoyed playing in the pumpkin patch and seeing the animals.

-We weaned Aly from her paci a few months ago, and one day this month I was cleaning out her diaper bag and found an old paci.  I stuck it in a pile to put away in her closet, but she got to the pile before I got it put away.  The funny thing is, Aly didn't even remember how to use a pacifier! She was like munching on it like what is this thing?  And then she took it out of her mouth and said "Gowee!" (her baby friend Galilee :)  So I think it is safe to say that she won't have any problem when Fynn is here and has pacifiers laying around!

-Finally, Alynne is definitely exploring toddlerhood.  She is learning to exert her will, and we hear "NO!" quite often these days.  This has been a new challenge for us, but so far we are managing!  I'm thankful that toddlers are easily redirected and that Alynne has an innate desire to please us already (she will sometimes voluntarily put herself in time out if I say she needs to calm down!)