32 Week Update

I had planned on writing a post this weekend before the craziness of yesterday even happened.  So first, let me just start with the normal update... 

It's hard to believe that we only have 8 more weeks to go.  Ron had his surgery 5 weeks ago, and I feel like that time has flown by, so I know these next 8 weeks will fly by too.  Speaking of Ron- he's doing really well.  ACL surgery is definitely no joke. The first 2ish weeks were by far the hardest, and 5 weeks later, Ron is able to get around the city and getting back to some normalcy!  Though it was a painful and trying thing, we are both glad that he got the surgery.  It has certainly grown us closer together and taught us to be more thankful for the blessings God constantly showers us with in life!

Last Monday I had my 32 week appointment. The appointments these days are very short- check my weight (gained 25 pounds so far!), blood pressure, measure my stomach, listen to Alynne's heartbeat, and ok do you have any questions?  And that's it! But it is always so wonderful to hear the doctor say "your baby is perfect." Those words are always something Ron and I treasure.  I thank God that through this entire pregnancy, we've never had the doctors have any sort of concerns for my or the baby's health.  What a blessing!  Praying that she continues to stay nice and healthy in my womb until November! 

At my appointment Monday I had to get a shot to prevent whooping cough.  (It seems like I can't escape these appointments without getting a shot or my blood taken-ugh!)
I apparently had some sort of reaction to the shot because a huge area around the injection became red and welped up for about 4 days.  This made me not feel very good too.  But the doctor said it was fine and would subside, which it did. 

These days I feel like Alynne is running out of room.  I feel her pressing onto my lungs and my bladder all the time.  I can't imagine what I'll feel like in 6 or 7 weeks!  This week I felt Aly kick my rib for the first time.  It didn't really hurt too bad, just made me jump a little! Aly is so active, she moves around all the time. I could just sit and watch/feel her move all day long.  It's indescribable! It's crazy how much we love our little girl already.  

We're slowly getting together the final things we need for her arrival.  I have a nice to-do list of things to get done before she arrives. I think I keep adding things to the list quicker than I can complete any of them! 

Ron and I have been (slowly) watching a birthing class video.  I say slowly because we can only make it through about 30 minutes at a time! Ron gets bored, and I get super freaked out (we usually turn it off when I start crying haha).  I'm thankful for the information to prepare us, but definitely very scared to give birth.  Praying that God calms my nerves and gives me strength.  And of course, I just have to keep thinking about how wonderful it will be to meet my baby girl =] 

Okay, so now let's talk about what happened yesterday... 

So Ron and I didn't get to celebrate our anniversary since he had surgery right before.  So we wanted to get away this weekend and celebrate/go on a babymoon.  We went to a bed and breakfast upstate yesterday.  We were there for maybe an hour, and I went to step outside our room onto the patio and somehow managed to slip and fall down a few steps. I landed face down on the ground.  I caught the majority of my weight on my right arm, but my belly's so big, it was just inevitable that I landed on it too.  Thank goodness Ron was right there.  He got me up and insisted we go to the hospital. I knew we needed to go, but I was just so embarrassed and upset that I was ruining our trip, so I protested a little.  So we then spent the rest of our evening in the Poughkeepsie hospital.  
When we got to the ER, it took them a little bit to get me in.  Ron went into super husband mode and kept insisting that I get pushed to the front of the line.  Finally they took me upstairs to the labor and delivery area.  They hooked me up to some monitors to monitor her heartbeat.  All sounded well and we even got to hear her little hiccups too. After a little while, the doctor came by.  He said everything was looking good, but that I was having some contractions (though I felt nothing).  He said he didn't know if I was already experiencing these or if it was because of the fall.  And because there was trauma to my stomach, they wanted to make sure that the placenta didn't come detached from my uterine wall. So they took a bunch of blood and sent me to get an ultrasound.  
Though the circumstances were not great, the ultrasound was such a blessing.  It's been 12 weeks since we've seen Aly, so getting to see her again was wonderful.  She was playing with her toes and looking around (which was crazy seeing her eyes!).  She still has Ron's pouty lips and my chin, and the technician said she already has lots of hair! Oh how I love this little girl! It gave me such joy to see her on a 2-D ultrasound, I can't imagine what it will be like when I meet her!
So then we just had to wait for the results of everything to come back, and depending we could either be released or stay the night.  Everything came back good, so the doctor released us. All in all we spent about 6 hours at the hospital.  We decided that it was best if we just went home, that way we could be near our doctor and transportation if anything else should go wrong.  So we didn't end up getting to enjoy a little getaway, but thankful for my and Aly's health!  I suppose I should have specified when I said I just wanted to get away from the city for the night! 
I am so incredibly thankful for my little family.  Ron is the best husband and father I could have ever asked for.  He selflessly takes care of me every day.  And Alynne, well she means the world to us.  We would do anything for her! Looking forward to November =]