The Second Month

This week we, I use the royal "we", are now eight weeks pregnant! Two months in, seven to go! Our baby is growing and at week eight already has lips, a nose, eyelids, legs, that are continuing to take shape.  It is also the size of about a raspberry or about a half an inch in length.  Last week Brooke got to hear the heartbeat, I sadly was not able allowed to be in the room during the ultrasound and did not hear it.  It's heart beats incredibly fast at around 150 beats per minutes.  That is twice as fast as ours!   

As amazing as this is it is equally amazing that my Brooke is being amazing and growing this child inside of her.  But it does take a toll on her body physically.  She is always tired and sleepy.  Any sort of activity wears her out pretty quickly.  No morning sickness but she gets really nauseous in the evenings.  And has the occasional mood swing.  All this is also a lot for me but I am doing my best at being a loving husband that cares for her and understands how difficult it must be to experience so much change in your body.  Men let's count ourselves lucky that we don't ever have to go through this because honestly, I don't think we'd survive.  

I was also reading about a few pregnancy myths that are found in Hispanic culture.  Myths in general are all over the place when it comes to hispanics.  The myth is about finding out the gender of the baby, which I am dying to find out, and the way you do is is by taking the woman's wedding band and tying a piece of her hair to it.  Depending on how it swings the gender will be revealed! I know, I know, sounds ridiculous, yet I'm pretty sure I know people who have done this.  And just to clarify this doesn't work, I just think its funny. 

Well thats all for this weeks update on the journey of baby Arévalo! Hope everyone's enjoying reading what I have to say, even if your not I'm still enjoying writing about my family!