Week 38 Update

38 weeks- only 2 more to go!  

We now have a full term baby, and are so anxious for her arrival.  We keep trying to guess when she will come and are so eager for her to be here!  (We're praying she decides to come a little early!)

I am growing increasingly uncomfortable.  I think I jinxed myself last weekend.  I thought to myself, you know people always say the last few weeks are pretty miserable and I still feel pretty good.  Aaaaand the next day was completely miserable haha.  I could hardly walk from all the pressure and Braxton Hicks contractions ensued.  These contractions have happened sporadically throughout the week, but nothing serious yet.  I think we're going to have to continue to exercise our patience a bit longer! 

I am still at work, though Friday is my last day.  It is definitely wearing me down, so looking forward to having some time off.  Fortunately, since I have become increasingly exhausted, Ron has become increasingly helpful! =] He has been juggling working full time, school, taking care of me, and now more often than not, taking care of dinner and cleaning and everything else.  I sure am blessed. I couldn't do this without Ron!

As I get closer to giving birth to our daughter, I am surprised by my change of feelings.  For awhile, I was pretty well terrified to give birth, but now I'm pretty ready to just do the dang thing.  God designed birth perfectly, knowing that when the time came, we'd be ready for it.  We're just praying now for as smooth a birth as possible and for the health of both me and Aly.
It is really hard for me to grasp that our lives are about to drastically change forever.  Our family will never again be just us two.  We are definitely incredibly excited, but I am also just trying to cherish these last uninterrupted days with my husband!

We've got our flu shots, cleaned our apartment thoroughly, bags are packed, nook is in order- we are ready for Miss Alynne to arrive! =D