Roman Xavi- 4 Months Later

Today Roman would have been 4 months old.  I don't have any profound thoughts to share, but I just feel like writing today as I am so deep in my sadness.  Most of the time, I like to blog when I have my thoughts somewhat together, but today I'll let you get a glimpse of a heavily grieving Mama...

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Arevalo Baby #4

That's right, Baby #4 will be joining our family in October! 

We found out this joyous news while we were on Hamilton Island in Australia.  What a sweet time of rest, topped off with such wonderful news!

Today we got to see the baby for the first time and hear the heartbeat.  Oh the heartbeat.  It has never sounded more beautiful to my ears.  This baby already has all of our love.

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February 2018 Update

For this month's blog post, I am just going to write about our trip to Australia!  It's fitting because as I sit here and write this blog post, I am still fighting off the extreme jetlag.  So let me start at the beginning...

We started dreaming of Australia early last summer.  I mentioned it to Ron at one point, and he just laughed at me.  To which I responded, "Well, you're not saying no!"  After that, we spent the summer working out the details to see if we really could make this dream a reality.  Soon all the details fell into place, and there was no turning back--we were going to be taking 3 very small children halfway around the world.  

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