October 2017 Update

October was another busy month!  We spent a lot of the first part of the month passing around some sickness.  Fynn ended up getting Hand Foot and Mouth, but fortunately Aly escaped everything though!  At the tail end of the month, we enjoyed carving pumpkins with the Fields, painting pumpkins at school, and celebrating Fynn's second birthday!  We had some family come visit over the weekend, and loved getting to see everyone, celebrate Fynn, and enjoy some Halloween festivities together.  


-Apparently one day Aly found some pony stickers and stuck them in her backpack without me realizing.  When I picked her up from school the next day, her teacher told me that Aly brought the stickers to school to pass out to everyone as they left that day.  When I asked her about it, she said, "I just thought all my friends would enjoy having these stickers!"  What a sweet and thoughtful girl!

-Aly's prayers have been so sweet these days.  I love getting a little glimpse into her heart, and boy does she have a big heart!  I can't remember most of them, but I do remember a couple.  She recently prayed, "Thank you Lord for answering our prayers (Mrs. Rivas being sick), and thank you that you hear us through prayer."  She constantly prays that she can be more obedient, and loves to pray for her friends at school.  One day she prayed for Fynn to keep his peanut butter and jelly sandwich together at lunchtime haha.  

-One evening, I was calling for Ron and happened to call him "Ronald."  Apparently Aly had never heard that before and just kept calling him Ronald for the remainder of the evening!

-Aly and Papi have a special thing they do most nights, where they share dreams.  Papi gives her his dreams, and Aly will share hers back, which are usually about Christmas and Adriana. 

-One day Aly said, "Is today Weekendsday?!"


-Fynn is officially 2!! Wow, where does the time go?! We had the perfect low key birthday celebration for him, which included all of his favorite things--donuts, his own scooter, and pizza!

-Fynn slept a few nights all night in his big boy bed, so maybe we're making progress at night?  Naps are still great, and we'll get there eventually at night!

-Fynn can count to 10 now! He knows all of his colors, lots of shapes, and is working really hard to learn letters too. 

-Some of Fynn's favorite things to say right now:
"Excuse me, sorry."
"Oh no! What happened?"
"Thank you, welcome."
"Oww, hurt me!"
"Shabah"  ....the great mystery word that is said often and in various context, who knows what it means!

-Fynn's favorite song is Jesus Loves Me.  He likes to sing it whenever anyone leaves, it's like his little goodbye song for everyone!

-We had Fynn's two year check up.  He gained 5 lbs over the summer!! He's now 27 lbs and 32.25 inches.  Love this little growing boy!

-Finally, these two years with this sweet boy have been absolutely amazing. Fynn is an amazing boy and we've seen him grow so much, especially over the last few months.  Can't wait to see what this next year holds for him!

Dancing with Papi, oh how she adores him!
Fynn is sad because the pie isn't done baking
Lining up all the cars and counting them!
Love this silly silly girl
Moo moo moo. Cow cow cow. Sing sing sing
Always with the pocket
Always stop to smell the flowers
Favorite song these days: Jesus Loves Me

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Our Story

October 30, 2011 is the date that Ron and I met for the first time--exactly 6 years ago today!  We often recount the story of how we met, but I have never actually written it down.  So today I thought I would write out our story :)

Some people's story is one that involves years of friendship, slowly evolving into something, while others' stories happen in an instant and can be pinned down to the date.  Ours is a story of the latter.  
I moved to NYC in the middle of September 2011.   I didn't know anyone when I moved here, and so I was quickly trying to make friends and get plugged in at church.  It was barely a month after I had moved here, but I remember that particular Sunday in detail.  At the time, we both attended Apostles Union Square.  I remember seeing Ron for the first time on those church steps.  He handed me my bulletin, and I thought, 'oh, man, he's cute' LOL.  Ron will say that he remembers me running up the steps frazzled because I was so late haha.  But he still recalls with detail, the exact outfit I was wearing that day, a maroon dress, leggings, and my Steve Madden boots.  After church that evening, someone from my community group invited me to join a group that was going out to eat (at the Blind Pig haha).   I remember being so tired from working all day, but then also thinking, 'well, I really need to make some friends, so I should probably go.'  So I agreed to go, and as our group of about 20 people started getting ready to go, I ended up standing next to Ron.  Our friend introduced us, and we started talking the whole walk to the bar.  (Funny side note, I thought his name was Rob that night!)

Let me back track a little bit.  When I first moved to NYC, I came to work with a network of hispanic churches and their children's ministries.  A few days before this particular night, I had heard of new church plant in Washington Heights.  So I had reached out to the pastor to see how I could help out (little did I know, a year later, he would marry Ron and me!)
So, back to that Sunday night. While talking with Ron, he told me that he was actually a part of a church plant in Washington Heights.  I asked him what the name of it was and quickly discovered that it was the very same one I had just been in contact with! Small world.  
We spent the rest of that evening talking each others' ears off, and by the end of it, Ron asked me for my number, under the pretense of getting me in touch with his church ;)
Another silly thing to note--Ron loves to tell people we met at a bar, while I prefer to tell people we met at church!  
That night, I remember going home and talking with a friend on the phone.  I told her about meeting Ron, but I remember telling her that even if he didn't like me, I just wanted a friend!!  

The next day, Ron and I ended up spending the afternoon together in Central Park.  I look back on that day now and realize just how much he must have liked me.  First, I remember him offering to take me to do something touristy (which he hates), and second, we ended up aimlessly walking around Central Park for hours, another thing Ron does not usually enjoy doing haha.  
We talked endlessly, and I just remember a few snippets.  It felt like kismet that day when Ron asked if I had any tattoos and I told him about my 'Soli Deo Gloria' one, which was one that he wanted to get himself.  And I remember at the end of that day Ron being Ron very explicitly said, "Brooke, I like you.  And I want to take you on a real date this weekend."  

And that set the tone from there.  One thing I love about Ron is how open and honest he is.  I never once had to question whether or not he liked me, or what his intentions were.  He was straight forward from the beginning!  

From there, things just sort of snow balled.  I remember our first kiss, the first time we said I love you (I think...I might...kind of...if you do, I do...sort of love you!), and starting to talk of marriage.  Though we had only dated for a few months, we were serious, and we knew that we wanted to spend our lives together.  

That following May for Memorial Day weekend, we went camping in Cape Cod with our best friends Shannon and Levi.  While we were getting ready to leave the city, we made a pitstop at Ron's apartment.  Not thinking anything of it, he asked me to throw his contact solution in his backpack, and when I did, I saw the ring box.  Oh man did I have to exercise some self control, but I did not look further than the outside of that box!  I quickly zipped his bag back up and didn't say a word.  So I knew it was going to happen that weekend, but I still wasn't sure when exactly.  He still managed to surprise me, because I didn't expect it to happen when I hadn't showered and was covered in sand on the beach haha.  We were sitting on the beach and Ron kept asking me to go for a walk with him out on this rocky pier. I kept insisting that I didn't want to go.  So finally Ron was like I'll go by myself then haha.  So I finally agreed, and once we got to the end of the pier, Ron said, "Well, we've walked to the end of this pier and we can't go any further, but I want to walk the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"  

From there, here is a quick timeline of what happened from there:
Sept 1, 2012: We got married
Nov 20, 2013: Aly joined our family
Oct 28, 2015: Fynn joined us
Dec 2017: Roman will be joining us!

In the 6 years of knowing each other, we have lived in 3 different apartments, (almost) 3 children, a few job changes, a knee surgery, some tough times, and some of our best times.  

Love you always, Ron! 


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September 2017 Update

This month has been full.  We kicked off the month celebrating our 5 year anniversary!  These past 5 years have certainly flown by!  To celebrate, we took a day trip to Cold Spring, NY.  Later that week Aly started her first day of school, pre-k!  (More about that below).  Then we went on our annual apple picking trip to Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard.  It is one of our favorite trips we take each year.  As the kids get older, it gets more and more fun!  Both kids loved picking apples, and it's always such a great time with friends.  

Fynnlan Seeley

Fynn, you have been such a joy this month!  It is our first month just Mami and Fynn at home during the days.  I'll admit, I was a little nervous about what this time would look like, but it has been so great.  You and I are both loving the extra one-on-one time together, and you quite enjoy having uninterrupted access to all the toys!  You continue to prove how flexible you are in life.  You seamlessly transitioned to the new school schedule as well.  I had to move your nap up an hour sooner and cut it an hour shorter, and you took it all in stride no problem.  ANDDDD you are now napping in your big boy bed!! It took you only 2 days to get that down, and you have napped there ever since!  Night time is a whole different story though haha.  I think because Aly is in there with you, you decide you want to get up and try and see her and play around the room, so you haven't made in a night in your bed yet!  Also, you love walking to pick Aly up from school.

One day, Papi put you down for a nap, and since it was the weekend, he was letting you get some extra sleep.  When it was time to go to church, he went in to get you, and you were just quietly sitting on the edge of your bed waiting for him to get you!  Later I asked you about it, and I said, "Were you just sitting in your big boy bed?"  "Yeah."  "So why didn't you call for Papi?"  "I don't know!"

You have the biggest imagination.  I can't believe you are already role playing and acting out "conversations" with  your toys.  I could sit and watch you play in your own little world for hours!

You like to say, "ummmm, Papi. ummmmm Aly.  ummmmm Mami."

You are starting to use your own name now!  You will often mention "Fynn" when talking about our family now.

You can say the entire prayer we taught you now without any help.  It is precious!

You are really getting the hang of counting.  I have caught you several times counting things unprompted.  You can count objects up to about 3, and you can count to 10!  

You are doing so well in Tot School and you love getting to do all of the activities, and you love using dot markers, particularly the color blue!

The other night, you said "C'mon babe!" to Papi after hearing me say it! lol!

You repeat every word you say a good 2-3 times--eat, eat, eat. go, go, go. loud, loud, loud. 

You are still obsessed with all construction vehicles, especially "ma-mars!" (cement mixers, ha!)

We love you so much buddy!  I can't believe next time I write, you will be TWO!! Love you!

Alynne Tiffany

Alygator, what a big month for you!! You started your very first day of school!  You go to P.S. 51 Elias Howe (right next door to our apartment), and your teacher is Mrs. Rivas.  You absolutely love going to school.  You're never ready to leave when I pick you up, and you always ask to go to school on the weekends.  We have been so proud of how well you're doing at school.  You are one of the youngest kids in the class, still being 3 (in NYC, the cutoff for pre-k is Dec 31), and you had never been away from home before.  But that hasn't stopped you!  I thought for sure you would be a shy little thing, but I have been surprised that it turns out you are quite the social butterfly in school (you get that from Papi for sure!).  You like to make friends with everyone in class.  The only thing that has been hard with the school transition is the evenings.  And we fully anticipated this.  You went from napping two hours, to no nap and a very full day, so of course you are exhausted by the time evening rolls around!  We are continuing to work through it, it's a good growing time for all of us!

One night, in the midst of a hard evening, you said, "Papi, can you show me grace?" 

On the first day of school, you asked to have one of everything at breakfast time and had juice and chocolate milk that day.  No wonder you liked school so much!! 

One day you said, "What are you doing in the world?" instead of "what in the world are you doing?"  Too funny!

You also started ballet and tap class this month!  You are at a new studio this year, since we moved--Broadway Dance Center.  You love that you get to do tap this year too!  And you also love that the new uniform is full of your favorite color, light pink!

"pond of your hand" is something you said this month. 

You learned how to play checkers this month and love it! 

You are such a fun, silly, thoughtful, and caring little girl!  We are incredibly proud of who the little girl you are becoming!  You love God, your family, and genuinely care for everyone around you.  Love you sweet girl!

Governor's Island fun with Papi!
Heading up to Cold Spring for the day!
Lunch in Cold Spring
Ready... Set....Go!
Cooling down on a hot day!
Reading to Baby!
Making potions in Tinkergarten
The Great Lawn
The best stage
When Aly steals your phone!
Aly reading to Fynn!
Waking Sister up!
Fynn going down the big slide for the first time by himself!
I love Fynns little imagination!
When Papi is life
Tap class!

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August 2017 Update

In some ways, this month has been a little more low key for us, as we've been home the entire month.  But we've also seemed to have a lot of sick kids and a few hard things to deal with this month, that have left us a little drained!  Overall, it's been a good month though.  We've spent time with family, and we've enjoyed exploring the city together.  We have gotten in a pretty good rhythm of carving out Sunday mornings to be a time free of chores or errands and spend that time as a family.  This month we explored the MOMA, the Intrepid, Robert Moses beach, the Bronx Zoo, the Children's Museum, and kayaked in the Hudson!  I love living in NYC, I feel like we never run out of things to do!

Alynne Tiffany

Oh Aly.  This month has been a tough one with you, phew.  We have had quite a bit of behavioral problems this month, but I think we are seeing some progress now.  I know between Fynn getting sick every other week, having issues with Roman, and school starting soon, it may have been a lot for you to handle.  We love you so much, and that is why we discipline you.  You are becoming such a lovely young lady, and we are so very proud of you.  You amaze us daily with your wit, humor, and compassion. 

This month you got to go to your very first Broadway show, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We went with our friends Spencer and Alicia.  It was such a special night.  You loved getting all dressed up and getting to stay up "past night time."  You thoroughly enjoyed the show, Veruca Salt was your favorite character (because she was a ballerina, I'm sure).  Because Alicia is friends with someone in the show, we got to go backstage afterwards and meet some of the cast and stand on the stage.  It also turns out that "Charlie" lives next door to us, which you thought was so cool! You loved going on the stage and meeting everyone, but I don't even think you realized just how special it was to get to do something like that!  I'm always amazed at how different our childhoods are, and I hope that you never take for granted what a special place you get to grow up in!  

One day you said to me, "We should buy a car.  We need lots of money to buy a car though, huh.  Mom, do we have $20?"

Right now you are obsessed with playing "flight attendant."  You love to get on a pretend airplane with Fynn and fly all over the world--Oklahoma, Alifornia, Australia, Argentina, London, and Paris.

This month you have made a new friend, Rachel.  They just moved here, but you are so ecstatic to have a little girl in your class at church, for the first time in almost 4 years!  You two have quickly become inseparable!  

You love to sing.  You constantly make up songs, usually worship songs :)

This month we taught you how to play checkers!  You enjoy it, but still get distracted easily (naturally).

You are continuing to learn how to read and now know lots of sight words and can sound out a lot of words too!  

Fynnlan Seeley

Hey Buggy....actually I don't know if I've ever even mentioned that we all call you "Buggy."  I think it started when you were a baby.  Papi would call you Buddy, and I would call you Love Bug, and eventually the two names morphed, and now we all refer to you as Buggy or Bug, even Aly! 
Anyhoo, this month has been a little tough for you.  You just got over hospital stay and stomach last month, to turn around and get croup!  You were down with that for a solid week, though still super happy despite sounding like Darth Vader haha.  We also had a follow up appointment in regards to your blood sugar issues.  You are so brave and tough through all of it, it constantly amazes Mami!  And thankfully, all tests have come back normal.

Since you have been sick so much this past month or so, we've (slowly) begun the process of weaning you from sucking your thumb.  We aren't super strict about it, mostly just telling you "All done, you're a big boy," and you are eager to obey.  You still love your thumb when in your crib or when you're upset, but I think we've made some progress.

Your speech has continued to explode this month.  Your vocabulary is endless, and you've started to string together words.  You can communicate little stories with us now.  One day you said to me "More turtles please. Papi, turtles, TV," meaning "Can I please watch turtles, because Papi let me watch it!" 

Another day, you and Aly were playing by yourselves while Papi and I were on the other side of the apartment.  You came running over to the gate quite upset saying "Mami! Aly, me, mout."  As in Aly was putting you in time out, and you did not like that!  

You say "umm..." and "don't know" all the time.

You love to watch the construction around our building, especially the "ma-mar," aka cement mixer.

You have an obsession with bears and pretend daily that we have an infestation of bears in our apartment! You get so into it that sometimes you forget the bears are pretend and scare yourself!

Yesterday you took a nasty tumble and cut your lip open pretty bad.  You are one of the toughest little guys I know though, so you recovered quickly, though Mami is still shaken up by it!

You can count to 3 now and you know all your colors, and a couple letters!  I'm excited to start Tot School with you, as Sister heads to school next week!

When I grow up, I want to be an engineer!
Firefighter Aly
Watching the "ma-mar" aka cement mixer
Pretend play with Aly. ☺️
Silly little monkey
Fynn's latest obsession--a bear in our apt
Getting the sillies out at library story time
Gotta get all the blueberries out!
Sprinklers + toddlers. �
Teeth brushing dance
Little grocery helper
"I Dont know!"
Flight attendant Aly!
Fynn telling me his first story: Papi turtle TV...Aka Papi and I watched ninja turtles while sick
Fynn now says "umm" before answering haha
Aly is excited to start tap!
Fynn the gator wrangler
Sand angels at Robert Moses beach
He follows her everywhere.
More bear invasions!
Chapstick obsessions
Making green muffins with Mama!
Fynn what's your name?
The sweetest duo!
Teaching Aly to play checkers �
Lil dare devil!
Sibling star gazing
Bronx Zoo trip!
Not even 2 and mastering the scooter!
Swings are better with your best friend.

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