Jackson Graham- Week 3

Jackson is 3 weeks old today! Ron went back to work this week and so it was my first week on my own with all three kids! It’s been a very smooth transition though. Going from 1 to 2 kids was definitely harder haha. It is taking some time to adjust to the amount of time it takes to get out the door now though!

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Jackson Graham- Week 2

Yesterday was our original induction date, so it’s crazy to think that Jackson is already two weeks old! He is still an incredibly sleepy, chill baby. He has started having periods of awake time, but even then, he just lays there calmly taking everything in.

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I'm Still Grieving

Shortly after we came home from the hospital, I was scrolling through the pictures that Ron had taken on his camera. This photo immediately stuck out to me. First, he captured the pure joy I was feeling in that moment of meeting my son Jackson for the first time. But secondly, it also reminded me of another picture Ron had captured just 10 months before.

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Jackson Graham- Week 1

The time has officially come for weekly blog posts for little Jackson Graham! I can’t believe he has already been with us an entire week! We are soaking up every second and enjoying each new day with him.

Jackson’s Birth Story

Let’s go back a little bit before the day Jackson was born...

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