June 2017 Update

June has been such a fun month!  I love the summertime, especially here in New York City!  There is always an endless supply of fun things to do.  We started off the month by taking a family trip to DC to visit Uncle Jason and Aunt Lexxie.  It had been almost 3 years since we last visited, so we were certainly overdue! Car rides can always be a little tricky since the kids are barely ever in car seats, but they did pretty good overall!  We spent Saturday morning sight seeing in DC. Then we went back to their apartment and swam in the pool and hung out.  Aly likes their new dog (from afar), and Fynn is positively terrified of him haha.  The next day, we all went to to the Baltimore Harbor and visited the aquarium there.  It was so fun!  It was a quick, but very fun trip!  
Now that it is summer time, we've had lots of fun outings with the kids.  We've gone to Brooklyn Bridge Park, AMNH splash pad, Rockaway Beach, and the Central Park Zoo.  We've been busy haha!  
We finished up this month with our gender reveal party last weekend.  It was a low key picnic in Central Park with friends and family; it was perfect.  We are so excited to meet Roman Xavi in December! :)


-Aly loves Papi soooo much.  Every morning she wakes up and the first thing she asks is if he is staying home today or not.  If he's going to work, she immediately gets out of bed and goes to the table to draw him a picture to take to work with him.  

-One day Aly told me about the castle she wants to live in.  It has a moat and a beach inside it.  You can swim there and leaves fall on you.  There's also a pink door to the castle.  And there are no neighbors, so you can hop and run inside. 

-This month, Aly started to learn how to read.  It's amazing how fast she is picking it up.  I've been introducing sight words to her each week, and along with that, we practice sounding out words as we read books together.  She never ceases to amaze me.  Such a smart little girl! 

-One thing I love about Alynne is how well she loves Fynn.  Right now, she is trying to teach him all sorts of things.  I've been working on the first 5 letters of the alphabet with him, and one day Aly told me that at night time she teaches him all the letters.  Sure enough, every night, you can hear Aly saying, "Fynn, say 'A'! say 'B'"...all the way through Z.

-Alynne has always been Miss Independent.  Her latest streak of independence has been that she likes to put herself down for naps! Lol

-This week Aly had her first soccer class!  We have a couple of free classes, so we decided to let her try it out.  She absolutely loved it!  Especially because it means she can be like Papi ;)


-Fynn has the most adorable little "no!" He wags his finger in the air when he says it too.  It's my favorite haha. 

-Another favorite, Fynn calls Papi, Pai!

-I think Fynn officially has a favorite color, blue.  He has quickly learned to say and identify that color.  I do think he knows some other colors, but for the most part, if you ask him what color something is, he will answer 'blue' regardless! 

-Since blue is his favorite color, Fynn loves to hide the blue fish in a special spot under the couch where no one else can find it! 

-And one more blue story haha.  Fynn said his first 2 word combo this week--blue boat!

-Fynn's favorite thing to play right now is with the kitchen.  He loves to pretend to make things and feed them to us.  He also still loves to play with all of his cars and trucks.  It's my favorite how little boys always get down at eye level when they play with them haha! 

-Mostly, Fynn loves to be with Aly.  Anything she is doing, he tries to do to.  He can't stand to go to sleep without her, and loves to cuddle her almost as much as Mama.  

Aly conquered her fears and went down the big brown slide!
Latest obsession: jumping jacks
Fun in DC with Uncle Jason and Aunt Lexxie!
The start of learning to read--first sight word
Sweet moments together
Fynn has learned his favorite color!
Sentence structure practicing
Oh look a grape!
Quack quack
Summer mood.
Best friends in a band
Learning to read
Fynn's just laughing
Teaching Fynn
Summer in the Square
Fynn's first prayers
It's a......
First soccer class!

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Baby #3 Update--It's A.....

Today we found out what our third child is going to be!  For the first time, we chose to do a reveal.  Ron and I are both very impatient (we've yet to wait until Christmas Day to open Christmas presents haha), so it was quite hard to wait even a day to find out what our baby is!  We had a low-key picnic in the park with friends and family, and it was perfect!  Fairley took a poll of everyone attending to see if they thought it'd be a boy or a girl, and the majority said boy!  Mami and Papi both thought it would be a boy, and Alynne really really wanted a sister!  

Without further adieu, say hello to our 3rd child, and 2nd boy, Roman Xavi Arevalo

We are so excited for little Roman to join our family in December!  

It's a......

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May 2017 Update

I can't believe it's already time for our May update!  Where does the time go? The beginning of this month was pretty low key, I was still feeling quite miserable from 1st trimester woes. I'm finally starting to feel better in the last week!  We've enjoyed getting to explore our neighborhood more.  We also had a couple hot days earlier this month, so we got take a trip to the AMNH water fountains, which is always so fun!  We released our butterflies that we were growing in our apartment (lol!).  Gigi, Bop, Uncle Jason, and Aunt Lexxie came to visit for Aly's first ballet recital!  We wrapped up the month with our 6th Annual Memorial Day Weekend Getaway with the Schmidts and Fields.  We kept it low key this year, and just spent a couple days at the Schmidt's home in New Jersey, which was still a much needed relaxing retreat for us!  And finally, we spent a family day at Governor's Island.  We rode bikes down to Battery Park and took the ferry over.  There was a family festival happening that day, so there were lots of free activities for the kids to enjoy!  And I survived biking 12 miles while pregnant haha!

Alynne Tiffany

This month, Aly has had quite the thirst for learning.  She started writing this month.  She asks for a pen and paper almost daily and practices writing.  It's amazing to see how she's improved in even a few weeks!  She has also started to try to read.  She is constantly sounding out words and looking for words that she knows, like "stop."  I am quickly readjusting my summer tot school plans to fit her new interests!! 

One evening Aly was pretending to be a waitress.  She asked Ron what he wanted to drink, and he asked what she had.  She said, "pancake juice."  Who doesn't love to drink syrup with dinner?!

Aly can count to 100, and she can count by 10's to 100 as well.

She had such a great time with everyone coming to visit.  As usual, her and Fynn wore them out!  

Also, this month, Tio Kevin and Tia Beverly moved to NYC.  So this week we got to see them and meet our niece Adriana.  Aly was over the moon with her.  She wanted to hold her nonstop, get toys for her, read books to her, and kiss her.  She has such a sweet heart, and she's going to be an amazing big big sister, ha!

Alynne had her very first dance recital this month.  This whole year, we were honestly a little skeptical on whether or not she'd even get on stage, because she is a very shy child.  Boy did she prove us wrong though!  Her teacher did an amazing job preparing them for the performance, so when it was time for the show, she didn't even know she should be nervous!  She loved every second of it.  She loved having hairspray in her hair with a big bun ("I look like a real ballerina!").  She danced so well on stage too.  I wish I had captured her face at the very end.  When everyone started applauding, she had the biggest grin on her face, like she couldn't believe they were all clapping for her!  She was the last one left on stage, just grinning from ear to ear.  This Mama was in tears!! She was fabulous ;)


Fynn's speech has absolutely exploded this month!  I don't think I could even write out everything that he is saying these days.  But some of my favorite are when he says "no thank you!", "amen," and "night night."  My all time favorite (which will probably come to haunt me later), is when he says "no."  It is the sweetest little "no", and he wags his finger when he says it.  He usually does it when we are asking for hugs!

Fynn is so fearless.  It still surprises me sometimes.  He'll go on these huge slides by himself, climb all over everything, try some things that even Aly is too scared to do.  We also went to a splash pad this month, and I was curious how he would do, because I remember Aly being very timid with the water fountains at that age.  But of course, Fynn had no qualms and jumped right into all of it!  

Fynn is still a champion eater as well.  I'm so glad we haven't had to deal with the pickiness this time around (at least not yet!).  And this boy can still put down some food!! He can easily eat a whole burger and fries, yet he is still barely on the charts for height and weight haha.

Fynn is starting to learn colors.  He can say several of them, but often mixes them up.  I'm looking forward to some intentional teaching time with him this summer!

Finally, an update on this morning with Fynn.  It was like stepping into a time machine really.  I went to wake Fynn up and almost immediately knew what was wrong.  He was whimpering and couldn't keep his eyes open when nursing, so out of it, and just wanted to get back in the crib and sleep, despite having just slept 12 hours.  I rushed to check his blood sugar, because these were some of the exact signs that used to trigger us with Aly when she was his age.  Sure enough, it was 49.  I quickly got it to come up, and he came around to himself again.  It was a scary moment, but I am so so thankful that I knew what was going on and how to help him.  But at the same time, I hate this all over again.  It was so hard watching Aly go through what has now become years of testing, all the needles and blood work and hospital visits.  My mommy heart can hardly stand to think that this may be the path for Fynn too.  We thought we had escaped it with him at this point, but perhaps not.  So we will start rounds of testing with him soon and go from there.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers as we travel down this road (with an unlikely answer/reason) again.  

Being silly
Someone is unhappy
Aly explains metamorphosis
Trader Joe's shenanigans
Little helper
Thrill seeker
New couch fun
Playground fun
Round and round
Sister is a hoot
Ugga Mugga
Reading one of his current favorite books
Writing practice
Playground fun
Aly's first dance recital!
The cutest little no!!

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April 2017 Update

This month we started out in our new apartment!  We have been loving our new space so much!  It’s been such nice weather to explore the neighborhood too.  

A few days after we moved we found out we are pregnant!  You can read about the details on this blog post.  In a nutshell though, we are super excited for Arevalo Baby #3 to be joining our family early December! 

Another big thing happened this month as well—we are officially debt free!! Woohoo! We have worked so diligently these last 5 years to get to this point, so it feels so good to be done with student loans!  Hooray!  

Here are a few updates on the kids:

Alynne Tiffany

I love all of the funny little things she says these days.  I tried to write more of them down this month; here’s a few:

-My back is killllllling meeee

-I just need to read the constructions first (instructions)

-Papi, does your hair do the circles?  (referring to his hair being curly)

-Let’s all drink together!  (she loves having everyone take a drink of water at the same time at dinner time, Fynn too!)

Aly is obsessed with her 5th birthday.  She has it all planned out, and every time she talks about wanting something or wanting to do something, it’s to happen when she turns 5.  (like getting a pink camera.)  What about 4, Aly?! We can’t justbe skip years!! 

Aly got her official pre-k placement letter this month!  She will be attending PS 51 Elias Howe, which is right next door to our apartment!  She is super excited, and we’ve already met a couple of people in the building with kids going to attend there too! 

Fynnlan Seeley

This month Fynn really took off with his speech!  Up until this point, he really didn’t have any words, but now he can say several things:  please, help. bye-bye, boo, more, taco, cleanup, no, Aly, Papi, and Mama.

We had his 18 month check up this month and he now weighs 22.5 pounds (10th %), and 18.5 in (5%).  He’s still a peanut, but we are so happy to see him on the charts! Woohoo!!

Fynn has pretty much stopped biting, and is overall learning to be more gentle, especially with Aly.  He is quick to say sorry (by giving hugs).  Though, now when he knows he’s done something wrong, he quickly tries to “hide” from me! 

Fynn is still such a great eater.  He eats really well, isn’t very picky, and eats nonstop haha.  About the only thing he doesn’t like is pasta.  

Fynn’s favorite thing to play with right now is the blue baby doll.  He carries it with him everywhere and gets quite upset if anyone else tries to touch it or play with it! 

One of my favorite things about Fynn is how snuggly he is still.  I am constantly amazed that my big ol’ 1.5 year old full of energy little boy, still LOVES to crawl into my lap and just cuddle with me.  He does this all day long to both Ron and I.  It is the best feeing!  

Exploring the Piers
First word!
More words! #taco
Aly's prayer for the new baby
Easter service!
Hudson River Park Piers
Aly at age 3 telling the story of the crucifixion
Love his little voice!
Learning words
Two peas in a pod
"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said." -Matt 28:6
Aly decided to do a little impromptu ballet dance at church!
😳 another new word 🙈
Making Fynn laugh
Train crash!
Courtyard fun
Aly is this silliest

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