Tot School- Summer 2017 (3 years, 7-9 mo)

I realized today that I never posted a blog post on our summer tot school plans!  I think that's mostly because I am going back and doing previous summer plans, as Fynn is getting older and able to engage more.  So there isn't much new to add there, other than that you should check out our new Youtube channel to see all over our fun summer/beach activities we have been doing!  

In addition to those activities, I have started to teach Aly how to read.  We spend about 20 minutes a day, while Fynn is napping, going through this packet.  It has been really easy to keep up with, and Aly is doing great with it!   I think we'll continue with it even after she starts school in the Fall!

That's it for now!  Enjoy :)

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July 2017 Update

This month started off with a bang. We were supposed to go to Oklahoma on the night of June 30th, but after heading all the way to the airport, our flight was cancelled.  After quite some negotiating, we got a flight out the next day.  So we trekked out to the airport again the second day, got all the way on the plane, about to take off, when they came over the intercom saying we were being held due to weather.  We then proceeded to sit on the runway for four hours.  So we took a 4 hour flight to nowhere with 2 small children.  Talk about a nightmare!  We were finally able to get off the plane, and decided to to wait several days before trying to fly out again, because at that point we had been "traveling" for over 15 hours and were so spent.  

So we ended up spending the Fourth of July in NY and then flew out almost a week later.  We finally made it to Oklahoma, and man were we ready to just relax!  Thankfully it is always a super relaxing trip for us, we are all incredibly spoiled when we go!  The kids had a blast playing in the pool and spending lots of time with all their grandparents!  Ron and I also got to have a fun date night out with friends at Top Golf, and even saw Russell Westbrook while there!  

Once back in New York, we were recharged and ready to get back to our routine of things!  I'm thankful for the restful week we had because the latter half of the month has proven to be quite exhausting.  We spent a couple days in the hospital with Fynn (you can read more about that below), the next week we found out that Roman has fluid around his heart, (blog post on that here), and now we're wrapping up the month with Fynn having a stomach bug.  Sigh.  Parenting can be so tough sometimes!  

Oh and last thing to note with our family, I am officially down to one job this month!  We have worked so hard to become debt free and meet a few other goals, and now for the first time in almost 6 years, I have only one job!  Praise God for the blessings we have seen this year!

Alynne Tiffany

-As I mentioned, we had quite the time getting to Oklahoma at the beginning of this month.  We were naturally pretty frustrated by the whole situation.  I remember the next morning, Aly talking about the whole flight fiasco, and the one thing she had to say about it was "and then we got to see a rainbow on the airplane!!"  Wow.  I wish we could all have the viewpoints on life that a toddler has! 

-Aly's fear of bugs has seemed to magnify this month, or perhaps it was just being in Oklahoma where they are in more of an abundance.  But boy does she scream bloody murder when she sees so much as a fly or an ant!

-Sometimes Aly speaks like she's 25 haha.  When we were in Oklahoma, some of my friends came over.  Aly asked what one of their names' was, and then said, "Nice to meet you Lauryn." 

-"Am I four yet?  Because I'm standing on my tippy toes"

-"I can't know"   

-Aly's reading is exploding this month.  She has learned so many sight words and is capable of sounding out many words.  She loves to read as many of the words on pages as she can!  

-She loves to be the one to tell taxi drivers where to go: "45th, between 10th and 11th please!"

-Aly is such a great helper and big sister.  The morning that I had to take Fynn to the ER, Aly hopped immediately out of bed to help me with Fynn, got herself dressed, pottied, and shoes on ready to go out the door long before I could even think to ask her!  She is one amazing little girl!

Fynnlan Seeley

-While we were in Oklahoma, Fynn learned how to say "Papi" properly.  I think all the extra time with Papi certainly helped, and he has also grown quite attached to Papi this month and asks for him all day long while he's at work.  

-Fynn has started to string two words together more often this month.  Mostly it consists of our names:  "Papi, drink."  "Aly, trains" "Mami, stroller"

-Speaking of trains, Fynn is obsessed with our train tracks lately.  Every day he asks for me and Aly to set them up.  He insists that Aly and I join him as well, and then we all play for hours.  He loves it!

-Fynn's favorite and most used vocabulary revolve around transportation: car, truck, train, plane, boat, crane, dump, tractor, bus, taxi, etc.

-Fynn hailed his first cab yesterday!

-So the ER trip....We have already gone through all of the blood sugar issues with Aly, starting around when she was one.  So when I went to wake Fynn up one morning, I knew the tell tale signs immediately.  I immediately checked his blood sugar levels, which was at 39.  This is an incredibly dangerous level to be at.  Fortunately, I knew what to do from past experiences with Aly, and was able to keep a clear head in the moment.  I got his blood sugar up while we waited for an ambulance to come and take us to the hospital.  From there, everything was literally the same as it was 2 years ago with Aly.  They kept Fynn overnight to check his sugar levels throughout the night and post fasting and ran tons of lab work.  Everything came back normal (which we expected), and Fynn was such a champ through the whole thing.  He took everything in stride, all the testing and everything.  His only complaint was when the IV line stopped him from being able to suck his thumb haha.  He was amazing through the night too.  I was worried Ron would have a long night ahead of him, but they actually slept quite a bit.  Fynn slept through most of the night's finger sticks even.  So overall, he did really well.  It's just a bit frustrating as a parent to go through all of these hoops, just to be able to get an appointment with the right doctor.  And we both know that at the end of the day, he will (most likely) be labeled the same as Aly, ketonic hypoglycemic.  

-And along the same lines, now that we know Fynn has similar issues keeping his blood sugar up, we have to be especially careful if he gets sick. Which happened yesterday.  When one gets a stomach bug, you naturally do not eat much, and for our kids, that means a high risk of low blood sugar.  So yesterday, we were leaving church and were in a cab when Fynn started vomiting all over the place.  Yikes.  We hopped out of the cab, and I profusely apologized to the cab driver, as I had nothing to clean it up with.  (but seriously, what is one supposed to do in that type of situation? lol).  So then we walked home, Fynn and I completely covered head to toe in vomit.  City living?  
Once we got home, we got everyone cleaned up and put to bed.  Around 5am, Fynn's BS dropped (as we expected).  Fortunately we were able to get him to eat and drink and get it back up.  We were so nervous all day long, but fortunately it has stayed up all day and we were able to avoid another ER trip.  We're praying he stays that way, and that the rest of us don't get it!  

UPDATE: I wrote this blog yesterday, but post blog writing, I did in fact get the stomach bug too.  I was too dehydrated to be safe for me and Roman, so I spent most of today at the hospital getting meds and fluids.  Yikes, what a month!!

Just bouncing around
Gigi and Bop fun house
The best giggles!
When your toddler gets a hold of a goPro..
Fynn apparently finds it hysterical when Aly feeds him snocone
2nd haircut
Ball of fun
Teaching Fynn a Polish rhyme
Operation wear the kids out before bedtime
Flying home!
Fynn learned how to say Papi and calls for him constantly now
Dancing super hero
"mu me"
Every day we race to the door. She's a fast little thing, who likes to cut you off too
Soccer star in the making
Bye boat! Fynn is starting to string words together this month
Happy dance
Family bike ride!
Learning to read!
Fynn's daily dose of silliness
Fynn hates being cleaned up �
Aly and Adri, sweet sweet cousins.
Becoming such a big boy!
Natural history museum race

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Roman Xavi-21 Weeks Pregnant Update

Last week I had an ultrasound for my 20 week anatomy scan.  Roman was snuggled up in such a way that the technician and the doctor could not clearly see his heart.  So today, I had to go back to the hospital for them to try again.  And of course, he was in almost the same uncooperative position.  After quite a bit of trying, they got everything they needed.  I never get too nervous or worried about all of the "what-if's" that could come with these appointments, but the longer the doctor looked over the technician's findings, the more nervous I got.  

And then the doctor told me that there appeared to be fluid around his heart.  

He assured me there is nothing to worry about at this point, but we would need to monitor it.  I don't think I even registered what he was saying at the time.  I was too busy trying to keep both kids quiet and calm for the last two minutes of a very long appointment.  I thanked the doctor and left the room without a second thought.  I made it all the way out of the hospital before it really hit me.  So many questions have been flooding my mind all day.  As the questions and doubts keep coming (and on Ron's good advice, not googling anything!), it's all I can do to keep it together right now.  

Normally, I find myself blogging post crisis, not mid-crisis.  It's scary to be vulnerable and open when you're in the middle of the unknown and don't know how things will turn out or what to expect.  It's much easier to share "this was scary, but this is how the Lord provided and took care of us..." 

So today, as my emotions and hormones are flaring, I wanted to just write a letter to my baby boy.  


Hi sweet boy!  Mami and Papi love you so very much already.  It's impossible to explain how we can love someone who we haven't met yet, but oh man do you hold such a special place in our hearts. And so do Fynn and Aly.  Aly cuddles and talks to you daily, and makes sure to always include you in our plans (all five of us are going today).  We cannot wait for you to join our family, and we are already dreaming about our first vacation with you!  We've been praying for you daily already, and now we will pray that God would heal your heart.  God is knitting you inside my womb right now, and he is creating you just as he intended.  We are resting in that knowledge. You just keep focusing on growing healthy and strong in there, and we'll see you in December! 




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June 2017 Update

June has been such a fun month!  I love the summertime, especially here in New York City!  There is always an endless supply of fun things to do.  We started off the month by taking a family trip to DC to visit Uncle Jason and Aunt Lexxie.  It had been almost 3 years since we last visited, so we were certainly overdue! Car rides can always be a little tricky since the kids are barely ever in car seats, but they did pretty good overall!  We spent Saturday morning sight seeing in DC. Then we went back to their apartment and swam in the pool and hung out.  Aly likes their new dog (from afar), and Fynn is positively terrified of him haha.  The next day, we all went to to the Baltimore Harbor and visited the aquarium there.  It was so fun!  It was a quick, but very fun trip!  
Now that it is summer time, we've had lots of fun outings with the kids.  We've gone to Brooklyn Bridge Park, AMNH splash pad, Rockaway Beach, and the Central Park Zoo.  We've been busy haha!  
We finished up this month with our gender reveal party last weekend.  It was a low key picnic in Central Park with friends and family; it was perfect.  We are so excited to meet Roman Xavi in December! :)


-Aly loves Papi soooo much.  Every morning she wakes up and the first thing she asks is if he is staying home today or not.  If he's going to work, she immediately gets out of bed and goes to the table to draw him a picture to take to work with him.  

-One day Aly told me about the castle she wants to live in.  It has a moat and a beach inside it.  You can swim there and leaves fall on you.  There's also a pink door to the castle.  And there are no neighbors, so you can hop and run inside. 

-This month, Aly started to learn how to read.  It's amazing how fast she is picking it up.  I've been introducing sight words to her each week, and along with that, we practice sounding out words as we read books together.  She never ceases to amaze me.  Such a smart little girl! 

-One thing I love about Alynne is how well she loves Fynn.  Right now, she is trying to teach him all sorts of things.  I've been working on the first 5 letters of the alphabet with him, and one day Aly told me that at night time she teaches him all the letters.  Sure enough, every night, you can hear Aly saying, "Fynn, say 'A'! say 'B'"...all the way through Z.

-Alynne has always been Miss Independent.  Her latest streak of independence has been that she likes to put herself down for naps! Lol

-This week Aly had her first soccer class!  We have a couple of free classes, so we decided to let her try it out.  She absolutely loved it!  Especially because it means she can be like Papi ;)


-Fynn has the most adorable little "no!" He wags his finger in the air when he says it too.  It's my favorite haha. 

-Another favorite, Fynn calls Papi, Pai!

-I think Fynn officially has a favorite color, blue.  He has quickly learned to say and identify that color.  I do think he knows some other colors, but for the most part, if you ask him what color something is, he will answer 'blue' regardless! 

-Since blue is his favorite color, Fynn loves to hide the blue fish in a special spot under the couch where no one else can find it! 

-And one more blue story haha.  Fynn said his first 2 word combo this week--blue boat!

-Fynn's favorite thing to play right now is with the kitchen.  He loves to pretend to make things and feed them to us.  He also still loves to play with all of his cars and trucks.  It's my favorite how little boys always get down at eye level when they play with them haha! 

-Mostly, Fynn loves to be with Aly.  Anything she is doing, he tries to do to.  He can't stand to go to sleep without her, and loves to cuddle her almost as much as Mama.  

Aly conquered her fears and went down the big brown slide!
Latest obsession: jumping jacks
Fun in DC with Uncle Jason and Aunt Lexxie!
The start of learning to read--first sight word
Sweet moments together
Fynn has learned his favorite color!
Sentence structure practicing
Oh look a grape!
Quack quack
Summer mood.
Best friends in a band
Learning to read
Fynn's just laughing
Teaching Fynn
Summer in the Square
Fynn's first prayers
It's a......
First soccer class!

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